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Annie Lennox Gets her First Tattoo at the Age of 67, Impresses Fans

Annie Lennox is setting a precedent that it’s never too late to try something new. The Scottish singer has just gotten her first tattoo at the age of 67, and that too on the hip! Lennox has now shown off the new ink on her Instagram.

The Eurythmics frontwoman’s tattoo features two hummingbirds around a red heart, which appears to be emitting rays like a sun. Her move has now left fans impressed who are appreciating the singer for attempting something different at this age.

Annie Lennox gets her First Tattoo at 67

Sharing the image of the tattoo on Instagram on Thursday, Lennox wrote, “Got my first tattoo.” The philanthropist also revealed that the ink was etched by tattoo artist Asa Lee Crow IV at the Shamrock Social Club in Los Angeles on October 1.

Many fans now think that the design of the tattoo is a reminiscence of her 1992 hit song Little Bird from her solo album Diva. The lyrics of the track say, “Mamma, we reap what we sow / They always said that you knew best / But this little bird’s fallen out of that nest now / I’ve got a feeling that it might have been blessed / So I’ve just got to put these wings to test.”

Fans Praise the Singer’s Tattoo

As soon as Lennox shared the photo, her followers flooded the comments with praises for the singer. One of the fans even asked where the tattoo was placed, to which she replied, “Behind my hip.” Another fan appreciated the singer and wrote, “You’re way cooler than me. I don’t have any [tattoos]! Congratulations on the milestone!”

One follower also asked if the tattoo artist was nervous etching the ink on her, writing, “Were they nervous? Giving Annie Lennox her first tattoo is a big responsibility. 😍😮” to which Lennox said, “Naw!! Very experienced and in good hands!”

“Oh WOW – congratulations!!!!!!! For me, personally, my tattoos are very sacred: an adornment to the temple that houses my soul. I’ll bet you feel very connected to your beautiful design and the meaning behind it, and I hope it feels divine. Congrats again, to you and the artist!!” wrote another fan.

Lennox is known for Expressing Vulnerability Through her Music

With her tattoo, many think that the singer might have found a new way to express herself. She is particularly known for showing her vulnerability and fragility through her music. 

Talking about her music, Lennox had said, “The thing about Eurythmics music is that there was a kind of surreal, existential twist in the lyrical content and also in some of the ways that we presented ourselves. We were shape-shifters. We didn’t belong. We were outsiders. We didn’t belong to a group that’s, you know, ‘Okay, I’m in a rock band. I’m heavy metal.’”

Annie’s daughter, singer Lola had also earlier revealed how her mother feels that the ‘strongest thing is about connectivity and passion to what you do.’ She had added, “She’s also just inspiring because her work ethic is so focused, and she’s so passionate about what she does. Like, having so much love for making something that it’s the best it can be and will inspire and touch people and maybe help people.”

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