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Ana De Armas is on a Vacation in Italy; Her Pictures will Make you Crave a Summer Break

If you’re anything like me, you love to see celebrities enjoying their time off from work. There’s something about seeing them in a different environment that makes us feel like we’re actually hanging out with them.

Celebrities are just like us! They take vacations, they post pictures on social media, and they love the beach.

Speaking of loving the beach, the heartthrob Ana de Armas is spending her summers just like you’d imagine yourself on a holiday out in the sun. Check out her vacation pics and all the deets.

Ana De Armas Enjoying Vacation in Italy

Calling all Ana De Armas fans because your favorite is vacationing in Italy and serving quite some looks. The Knives Out actress is spending her summers in the Italian waters after delivering one of the anticipated movies of this year Deep Waters”. 

The 34 year old actress is sharing all the details of her travel with her fans as she is posting a bunch of updates on her social media.

The beautiful actress has shared a few pictures from the day out in the water on her Instagram. She is seen wearing a yellow and brown bikini suit as she posed laying on a boat. In one of the pictures, she is wearing a green cap with her initial “A” on it. 

The pictures are showing how happily tanned Armas is spending her summers. Her toned body, perfect beach hair and sunkissed skin are all completing her vacation mode. 

She captioned her pictures, “IT for Italy”.

Ana De Armas and Ben Affleck filming together after breaking up

The quarantine couple who was seen together throughout 2020 sparked rumours of a breakup when the pair were filming together “Deep Waters”. The couple called it quit after being romantically involved for over a year. 

The love sparked when the couple was seen spending an intimate vacation in Cuba and then heading to Costa Rica before returning to their normal lives in Los Angeles.

The actress confirmed her relationship with Ben in April after tons of speculations were made about her appearances with Ben Affleck in public.

They were often seen together hanging out in gardens, catching a coffee and later started attending events together. The couple called their relationship off in January 2021 as a source close to Ana De Armas revealed that the pair is no longer together.

According to the sources, Ben and Ana were going through a complicated phase as they were struggling to make their relationship work. Ana did not want to settle in Los Angeles and Ben had to take care of his kids in the city. 

Here you go! This is all we have for now. We will be back with more updates on Ana De Armas.

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