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17 Types of Braids to Style Your Hair Differently

If you are blessed with long tresses – Congratulations, for you have the power to tame them in some of the most beautiful and feminine braids ever.

The concept of braids is interesting. The females did not like loose or open hair, they found an elastic, did something like folding, plaiting, and braiding, and there you go – a braid is ready.

Over the years, braids have evolved manifold, and today, there are hundreds of different braids that you can tie and experiment with your hairstyle. While some may be a little tricky to work on, others are a real quick fix to your bad hair day.

17 Different Types of Braids

Whether it is a regular day at work, a luncheon with your friends, a dinner date, or a wedding celebration, you can try these different kinds of braids and up your hair game like a pro.

  1. Three-Strand Braid 

The most basic and popular, a three-strand braid can never go out of vogue. It is the same braid that your mother used to tie in school. You can keep it simple or style it into different other hairstyles; playing around with this braid is real fun. All you need to do is divide your hair into three equal sections and then keep plaiting them in a sequence.

  1. Side Braid 

A side braid is like a three-strand braid; however, braided on the side. While a three-strand braid is more basic, a side braid gives you a chic look. You can also wear this hairstyle at work or on a casual date. When you don’t know which hairstyle goes well on your pretty floral dress – a side braid comes to the rescue.

  1. French Braid 

A French braid is the most classic and sleekest of all. If you do not like loose hair, make this hairstyle your go-to option. Whether it is your work, shopping, gym class, or any other activity, you can always wear this braid and look immaculate as ever. A French braid is differently twisted than the traditional braid, and you often need to pick your hair from the very top to tie it. Once you master the art, you can finish French braiding your hair in less than 3 minutes.

  1. Fishtail Braid 

One of the most intricate and feminine braids that you can do on occasions like weddings, parties, and other festivities is a fishtail braid. As the name suggests, this braid appears like a fishtail and gives your hair a gorgeous look. This trendy braid is all about weaving your hair in ultra-thin sections to create a symmetrical effect.

  1. Four-Strand Braid 

If you are bored of doing a three-strand braid, again and again, this one will give you a change of hairstyle. A four-strand braid suits everything – casual and formal wear. All you need to do is elevate your three-strand braid and then turn it into a four-strand. You can also use extensions if you have shorter hair.

  1. Dutch Braid 

Another classic style that never goes out of fashion is a Dutch braid. Straight put, a Dutch braid is a French braid, done in reverse. Braiding your hair into this style gives it more dimension. You can also create a flirtatious vibe to your look by styling it half-up and loosening the remaining hair. Dutch braiding also goes well with a loose bun.

  1. Rope Twisted Braid 

A rope-twisted braid is a quick solution to your oily and greasy hair. You only need two sections of hair and part them equally followed by tying them like a rope. Do not worry if you are running late for the office and do not have a good hairstyle in mind. You can even tie it while waiting for your cab.

  1. Pull-Through Braid 

For all the ladies who want to make their hair look more voluminous and textured – a pull-through braid works the best. This gorgeous braid is ultra-fashionable and gives you the most feminine look ever. You can tie your hair into a bunch of ponytails and pull them through each other. This braid is elegant. You can further accessorize it with your favorite hair accessories and pair it up with a long flowy gown.

  1. Waterfall Braid 

Another intricate braid that oozes out your femininity is a waterfall braid. Nothing can beat the stunning waterfall effect this braid creates on your hair. It is delicate and chic. A waterfall braid takes thin strands of your hair and then braids them to give a beautiful waterfall effect. This hairstyle is perfect for the occasions like a wedding or a prom night. Also, you need an expert hairstylist to do the braiding.

  1. Braided Bun 

How about braiding your hair and securing them into a bun? Buns and braids always look good together. You can tie any braid of your choice and secure them in a bun either at the center or on the sides. A braided bun looks feminine and gives a boho vibe to your look. From a sleek braided bun to a loose bun for your beach look – you can try anything and everything.

  1. Milkmaid Braid 

A milkmaid braid is classy, elegant, and sweet. It suits all the hair types. When you look at it, it may appear tricky. But a milkmaid braid is one of the simplest styles to braid, and merely takes 5 minutes to complete. This braid is super feminine and, therefore, a trending option for the occasions like weddings. Upon accessorizing properly, a milkmaid braid makes you look like a Greek Goddess.

  1. Box Braids 

One of the most iconic hairstyles for Afro-textured hair, classic box braids have gone beyond boundaries and become trendy worldwide. The drill is simple – you need to section your hair into squares and box the plaits individually. Box braids may be a little time-consuming, but the final look they create is outstanding. You can also use extensions to complete the look. They can even last for weeks and require low maintenance.

  1. Crochet Braids 

Another detailed braided look for the extra-long tresses is crochet braids. As the name suggests, this braiding style follows the crochet technique to complete. You can start with braiding your hair into loose cornrows, which form the foundation pattern or base of these braids. Thread your hair through and secure with a crochet hook and plait them in the style you want. Crochet braids are dramatic. You can even try them on your little one.

  1. Crown Braid 

Another prom or wedding hairstyle that many females love is a crown braid. This braid, as the name suggests, brings out your inner princess. The style requires a little bit of gritty and textured hair. Thus, even if you haven’t washed your hair for many days, you can try it and pull it beautifully. The simplest way to braid your hair in a crown braid is to plait them into a double French or Dutch braid. Lift each one and pin them in the opposite direction. Accessorize this crown with beautiful hairpins.

  1. Snake Braid 

You can swiftly turn your three-strain plait into a snake braid to give your hair a more stylish look. This super convenient hairstyle gives a half-up and half-down look a new twist. You only need to plait a small section of your hair from the temple and then braid it back until the end of your hair. Hold one of the three strands and push the other two back up. Now, pull the braid out, so that it gives your hair a visible snake pattern. You can repeat the process on the other side too, followed by tying both these braids together into a ponytail.

  1. Micro Braids 

Micro braids and small, detailed, and appear more like cornrows. They are specifically meant for females with short hair because if braided into long tresses, they will lead to breakages. Just like an African braiding style, they are braided very tightly. Although a little time-consuming, the final look of these braids is neat and sleek.

  1. Half-up Half-down Braid 

If you want to tie braids, but do not want to give your hair a full-braided look, half-up-half-down braids are a great option to experiment with. This hairstyle is a fresh take to your mundane braided hair, thus making them look more stylish and experimental. You can also do this braid by starting with a French braid in the center and then twisting it up in a messy bun or leaving your hair full open. A half-up half-down braid gives you a Boho-look. It is the trendiest hairdo that many ladies are opting for.

Braiding your hair accentuates your femininity and makes you look super-stylish. It also makes a perfect solution when you do not want to use any hair-styling tool but still look forward to styling your hair. You can try the above-listed braids on all hair types. Start with the easiest, add your favorite hair accessories, wear your favorite clothes, and get ready to slay!!!!

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