Though Bollywood lovers have mixed feelings about Sonam Kapoor’s acting skills, everyone agrees that this gorgeous young star is the most fashionable actress of her time.

Kapoor has been amazing her fans with her unique style the past 10 years. She’s always decked out in designer outfits that have her looking like a goddess. Kapoor even mentioned that friend and filmmaker Zoya Akhtar once told her she always looks like an art installation—well put, Zoya!

With a producer and her fashionable sister as her stylist, Kapoor has the best help the industry can offer to make her look perfect on every red carpet.

Here’s a look at some of the outfits only Kapoor and her perfect body can pull off

1. Mom Jeans

Sister Rhea Kapoor styled Sonam in an outfit designed by Masaba Gupta. On anybody else, this would look like mom-jeans with a matching shawl, but on Sonam, it looks fresh and gorgeous.

In @masabagupta styled by @rheakapoor MUA @artinayar Hair @alpakhimani

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2. Birds of a Feather

Sonam recently rocked this Ellie Saab gown for the Filmfare awards. Now, even though Ellie Saab gowns make everyone look like a princess, this one would have looked too revealing or like she rolled around in glue and feathers before the awards on anyone else. But on Sonam she looked like a true goddess, and definitely worthy of that Filmfare she took home for “Neerja.”

3. Purple Boots

Sonam wore this Temperley London outfit with purple boots when she was in Switzerland not too long ago. Of course, styled by Rhea again. Though the outfit is lovely on another person it may have come off like a blind grandmother with tacky purple boots on, but she looks sophisticated!

4. When you’re Almost a Ballerina

The girl has ballerina’s for sleeves…seriously, who else could pull that off?

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5. No one Sparkles like Sonam

Even as a hot pink disco ball she looks better than I ever will.

She wore this Caroline Hayden gown to the Brand Vision Awards where she received the Global Style Icon Award.

6. Black is the new Black

Here she is in another Caroline Hayden outfit, only she could pull off, and possibly Rani in the film “Black.”

@carolineshayden @cortomoltedo @vimijoshi @bbhiral

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7. When She’s Getting Political

This is what she wore to help Hillary Clinton campaign in Arizona.

Do you see those shoulder pads? Those wide leg pants? Who dresses like that in real life?

8. Who Doesn’t Like Bows?

What is this? Tell me what actress could pull this off? Why does she have a bow over her plaid vest?

@dicekayek 👗 @mitalivakil 💄@rheakapoor 👑 @pompyhans 👱‍♀️

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The outfit by Dice Kayek was made only for Sonam. No average person or even model could pull it off as adorably as Sonam can.

👗@dicekayek @rheakapoor 👄@mitalivakil @pompyhans 👠 @louboutinworld

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9. On Point Airport Fashion

Even her airport outfits are amazing! She makes the sneakers and over-sized jacket look so stylish.

✈️ @bhanelove @nashishsoni @nike @purevnv @balenciaga @armani

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10. When You’re Feeling that Old-School Fashion

Check out this Renaissance fair looking outfit she wore while in Melbourne.

@sandramansour @suhanipittie @namratasoni @shehlaakhan @thehouseofpixels #melbourne #darkromance

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Where would the average person possibly where this outfit outside of Halloween or a Renaissance fair? Only Sonam could wear this out in public just like it’s any ol’ day in the city.

In @sandramansour shoes @louboutinworld earrings @suhanipittie styled by @shehlaakhan 📸 @thehouseofpixels

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11. Life (and Fashion) Needs Structure

Sonam and best friend Jacqueline Fernandez are both stunning. Check out Sonam with those intensely structured shoulders on this throwback picture, can you pull off this look?

12. When You Play Dress Up

Homegirl is drowning in this outfit but she still looks fierce AF.

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13. The Upscale Poncho

How do you even put on this overly structured poncho?

#MOMENT @ralphandrusso MUA @namratasoni STYLIST @rheakapoor

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14. Unidentified Outfit

I can’t tell what this is but I know she looks fabulous wearing it.

15. Ballin’ Ballgowns

Even dressed as a blimp she looks adorbs.

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All I can say is slay, girl, slay—keep lighting up our Instagram feeds with your beautiful art installation-esque fashion because we can’t get enough of it!

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