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10 Vastu Plants for Home to Bring in Positive Energy, Wealth and More

Well, we all know that plants and trees are grown in and around houses to have a green and healthy environment. Plants not only add aesthetic appeal to our houses but also purify the air around us by absorbing the harmful gas carbon dioxide. Moreover, there are several Vastu plants which when grown in the home are considered to be really auspicious.

Above all, Vastu plants when placed according to the Vastu Shastra in our homes can do silent wonders by bringing positivity and good luck to the house as well as to the members living in that house.

Why is it important to have Vastu Plants in Home?

According to Vastu expert Ashna Ddhannak (who is a holistic life coach as well as managing director of Enlightening Lifestyle), plants are very important as they attract positive energy to our surroundings. Dhanak says, “Plants are not only visually alluring. They attract peace, tranquility, and well-being in an environment.”

Vastu plants are to be chosen very carefully and also placed in the right direction in the house to get the maximum positive result out of them. When placed in the wrong direction, Vastu plants can have adverse effects too as direction plays an important role in Vastu.

10 Vastu Plants for Home and their Importance

We are here to share with you 10 Vastu plants for home along with their significance. We will also share the best direction/place to grow these plants in the home according to Vastu so that you get the maximum benefit out of it.

Let us take a look!

1. Lucky Bamboo Plant

As the name itself suggests, the Lucky Bamboo plant (Dracaena braunii) brings good luck to your home. Apart from luck, it also invites happiness, fame, peace, and prosperity to your home. It is one of the widely preferred Vastu plants for home.

You can place the Lucky Bamboo plant both at your home as well as an office desk. A plant with six stalks is considered to be more beneficial as it is for luck and prosperity. You can even gift this auspicious plant to someone and wish them good luck.

Lucky Bamboo plant has to be kept in the southeast or east corner in your home according to Vastu.

2. Holy Basil

Holy Basil plant which is also known as Tulsi is believed to be very auspicious according to Hindu culture. The Holy Basil plant is one of the most commonly used Vastu plants for home which emits positive energy as well as produces an enormous amount of oxygen. It is also known for its medicinal values and one can remove the toxins from their body by consuming Tulsi leaves.

The Holy Basil plant has to be grown in the east, north, or northeast direction to bring positive energy to our home. Always avoid planting it in the south most direction of the house.

3. Money Plant

As suggested by its name, Money plants are very popular for bringing wealth and prosperity to the home when planted. This plant is widely preferred to be grown in the home according to Vastu.

Money Plant (Epipremnum aureum) can be grown at the home both indoors and outdoors. Going by Vastu, Money Plants are to be planted in the southeast direction in your home to bring in fortune to your home. One can even grow Money Plant in your home corridor which is also very beneficial.

4. Neem Tree

The Neem Tree which is also called the Indian lilac is another popular Vastu plant that invites positive energy to the homes. It is highly popular owing to its medicinal values.

Neem Tree (Azadirachta indica) has to be grown in the northwest corner of the house as per Vastu to bring positivity and happiness to the home.

5. Peony Plant

The Peony Plant (Paeonia Suffruticosa) is significant for bringing positivity to homes. This is a very popular Vastu plant as it helps in mending broken relationships. This flowering plant which stands for optimism also beautifies your home and garden.

The Peony Plant has to be grown in the southwest corner of your home as per Vastu. One can even gift this auspicious Vastu plant to your loved ones.

6. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is another Vastu plant for home which signifies positive energy, happiness as well as optimism.

According to Vaastu, one can keep the Chrysanthemum plant in the living room as it brings good luck and positivity to the home.

7. Peace Lily

The Vastu Plant ‘Peace Lily‘ stands for love and harmony. The name itself says that the plant brings peace to the homes planting it. For those who have sleeping issues, get a Peace Lily planted in your bedroom as this plant can be a boon by helping in improving the sleeping pattern.

This plant has to be grown near a bedroom window of your home which will give peace to the housemates.

8. Snake Plant

Snake Plant is one of the widely grown Vastu Plants as it signifies positive energy. This plant absorbs toxins like formaldehyde and releases more oxygen thereby creating a healthy environment in the home.

The Snake Plant has to be kept in the south or east direction of the bedroom window in your home according to Vastu.

9. Orchids

Orchids (Orchidaceae) signify success, wealth, and abundance. Orchids are believed to be one of the widely preferred Vastu plants for home. They bring in positive energy and stand for growth.

Orchids have to be grown in the southwest direction of the corridor/room in your home according to Vastu. One can also gift Orchids to their near and dear ones at marriages/baby showers.

10. Lavender

The Lavender plant is also considered to be an important Vastu plant as it strengthens relationships. Lavender Plant is a flowering plant that releases a pleasant fragrance and brings in positive vibes. It can act as a stress buster as well as relax your mind.

Going by Vastu, the Lavender Plant can be planted in a bedroom window which can receive little sunlight. This plant blossoms love owing to its mood-elevating fragrance.

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So, why delay! If you are not having any of the above-mentioned plants, get the plant(s) of your choice and grow it in your home to bring peace, prosperity, wealth, and good luck to your home.

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