The end of the Mercury Retrograde is around the corner but it’s not coming to its completion without a final punch forcing all signs to look inwards, which ain’t such a bad thing actually. Pluto is in Capricorn as well making for a pretty intense week but manageable, it’s all manageable.


Capricorns feel superior to others at parties who can’t finish a Rubik’s cube. If you find yourself lucky enough to get invited to a party, everyone tells you it’s “Bring Your Own Booze” because extra liquor is required to put up with you. Good news, Capricorns have the potential to improve their homes and family matters this week if they can manage to connect with the people around them. Quit being so judgemental and put yourself out there, Cap!


Aquarius usually spend a lot of time trying to find themselves. But don’t take this particular week to do so. You’re going to need to be around to manage some drama at home or work and you escaping to find your center ain’t gonna fly this week. Handle your ish head on and then go wherever.


Pisces usually go with the flow but this week you’ll find that you don’t want to go with the flow, rather, you want people to go with YOUR flow. That’s OK! Speak up, let your feelings be known. It’s okay to not always be deemed chill or mellow. How’s anyone going to know your needs if you don’t let them be known?


Aries always go around saying things “I keep it real”, and “I don’t sugar coat things” but, like, seldom do they keep it real and actually, they’re not as no-nonsense as they’d lead people to believe. Luckily, this week will see a life-altering conversation with a stranger that motivates Aries to stop speaking in cliches and actually keep it real and sugar-free.


Look, we’re telling you this upfront - this week will not be your week in the sense that you’ll have some difficult conversations, challenges at work, and issues on the home-front. BUT all of these things will force you to acknowledge life head on and you’ll be better off because of it in the long term. It’s called growth, Taurus, and this is the week you’ll feel the wonderfulness of adulting.


You know that saying all that glitters isn’t gold? You have never fully comprehended that, but this week you will. Something will happen that will make you take a step back, reavulate life, and all will click.


Cancer, this is the week to stop once and for all on depending on everyone else for your emotional well being. Take the band-aid off quickly rather than slowly just to get everyone’s attention. If you don’t stop and change, you may just lose your squad.


You more or less invented the selfie. The majority of your time goes towards coming up with new ways to be able to post about yourself online without looking vapid. That’s all fine and dandy, be you, do you, post you. But take a suggestion from the stars and start routines this week that focus more on your true self versus selfies.


Virgo, don’t be so quick to continue with your usual “my way or the highway” attitude. Something will happen this week in which you should remain open to other’s ways and advice or you could find yourself in a sticky situation.


Libra, you seem to have gotten yourself in a funk and you just keep perpetuating it by keeping your thoughts to yourself. Open up to someone who cares about you and you’ll find offloading will reduce a lot of the anxiety you’ve been carrying around with you.


You’re known to sting people, to put people in their place. But be weary this week. Everyone is dealing with their own stuff so be careful not to go one of your stinging spree and burn all your bridges. This is the week to exercise sensitivity.


Sag, this week in particular holds a lot of romance for you. Give yourself to the vibe and quit questioning everything. You don’t want to miss out on an epic romance because you were looking for a non-existent hidden agenda.