There’s a desi version of Cards Against Humanity that is just as hilarious, and dare we say even more fun than the original game. The Indian version was invented in Bangalore by Vedant Mehra and is called The Best Bored Game. The idea for the game came to him during a family meal. Essentially the game sprang from boredom along with a good measure of alcohol in Mehra’s system.

“The idea actually came to me when I was sitting down with family over a typical lazy Sunday afternoon, bored to death as everyone was too busy staring into their phones and not making conversation,” Mehra told “I wanted to change that, I wanted people to look beyond their phones and actually have some real-world fun.”

So how do you play?

image via Best Bored Game/Facebook

Each player needs to draw ten White cards and the person who most recently ate begins as the Card Lord and plays a Black card. The Card Lord reads the question on the Black card and everyone else answers the question by passing one White card with the funniest or most unsuitable answer to the question face down to the Card Lord. Then, the Card Lord shuffles the answer cards and then shares with the group the funniest White card answers. Whoever submitted the funniest answer gets the Black card and the point. Whoever is to the right of the Card Lord becomes the next Card Lord and everyone draws one new card from the White card deck because everyone should always have 10 cards in hand.

The questions have a hilarious desi twist so be ready to encounter things like “the last thing Manmohan Singh said was ______” or “What did Pranab Mukherjee whisper to Mamta Banerjee?” Or my favorite, “Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai.”

image via Best Bored Game/Facebook

The game is in English and Hindi with an updated version soon to be released. There’s an all Hindi version as well. Check out their Facebook Page on how to purchase whichever version of this game.

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