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Windows 11 is Here: Check out the Features and Release Date

After years of speculations, Microsoft has finally announced Windows 11 for personal computers in a launch event on 24th June 2021. The new Windows 11 comes with major interface changes, Android apps support, Xbox integration, and tons of productivity upgrades. Check out when you can install it below.

Windows 10 was launched in 2015 and has been serving users efficiently since then. Now, Microsoft has come up with the latest version of Windows with groundbreaking upgrades.

The new Windows 11 packs a new Start menu, and rounded corners to freshen up the looks. It also adds Snap layouts for running multiple apps at once and adds many redesign features.

The new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced at the Windows 11 Launch event that they are trying to evolve Windows into a platform that can onboard anyone.

He stated that: “With Windows 11, we have a renewed sense of Windows’ role in the world. Today, the world needs a more open platform, one that allows apps to become a platform in their own right. Windows is a platform where things that are bigger than Windows can be born, like the web.”

When will Users Get Access to Windows 11? Official Release Date?

Microsoft also announced that Windows Windows 11 will be available as a free upgrade for the existing Windows 10 users this fall. Before that, the tech giant will start producing computers with Windows 11 pre-installed.

Major Features & Upgrades Coming to Windows 11:

Microsoft has rolled out Windows 11 during a time when the need for computers is ever rising. The latest version is packed with some pioneering features and interface changes.

Windows 11 will support Android apps, and possibly Apple’s FaceTime: Windows users can now run Android apps on their computer. You can now install Android apps from the Microsoft Store.

Panos Panay, The Chief Product Officer at Microsoft, said that: “They’re discoverable through the Microsoft store using the [built-in] Amazon App Store. And we use Intel bridge technology to bring it to life so it’s just seamless and smooth.”

The software giant CEO had also told a reporter that they’d be happy to accept Apple’s FaceTime & App Store onto Windows computers.

Windows 11 will be a paradise for Gamers with Xbox tech integration:

Satya Nadella also announced that they are now going “All in” on gaming. Windows 11 has integrated the Xbox tech into the OS to offer features like built-in “Auto HDR.” This new feature uses computer intelligence to provide stunning visuals in any game.

Sarah Bond, the Xbox Ecosystem Executive, said: “The difference is stunning” during the launch event.

Microsoft Teams will be now integrated into the Taskbar, taking on FaceTime: With Microsoft Team’s integration into the Taskbar and cross-platform availability, the company is challenging Apple’s FaceTime.

However, they don’t plan to make it exclusive. Instead, it will be open.

Microsoft Teams is already available for Android, iPhones, and Mac. Windows 11 is designed to be the only OS that you’ll ever need.

Windows 11 will feature a new Microsoft Store, allows Developers to keep full revenue: The latest upgrade will also have a new and re-designed Microsoft Store featuring tons of new elements. Microsoft will now allow developers on their store to keep all the money they make with their apps.

They are pioneering the revolution against the industry-custom of charging up to 30% commission from the total revenue.

They have also announced that the devs can use any commerce technology now. This could be a dig to Google and Apple’s policies of the devs needing to use their payment processing service.

What’s our take on the latest Windows 11?

With the announcements Microsoft has made during the launch event, Windows 11 already seems revolutionary. They are trying to work with as many apps and devices as they can while adding new tech. It is definitely going to be the operating system of the future.

This big redesign of Windows was actually the need of the hour. An early preview version of Windows 11 will be available as soon as the next week. By the end of 2021, the majority of the devices should be running on the latest version.

Windows 11 Start Menu in Dark Mode

Finally, Windows 10 is set to retire by 2025. The CEO Satya believes the launch is “A major milestone in the history of Windows.” However, analysts like Geoff Blaber from CCS Insight don’t feel it to be revolutionary.

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