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Who Was Marilia Mendonca? The Brazilian’s Autopsy Report Leak Stirs Controversy

Marilla Mendonca, a popular Brazilian singer who died in a plane crash in November 2021, left her fans in a state of shock. The Latin Grammy Award-winning artist was known for adding a touch of international pop sentiment to her roots.

Almost two years after her death, Marilla’s autopsy photos have been leaked across the internet, stirring controversy as netizens continue to wonder who leaked this report in the first place. Her family also stated the same.

Marilla Mendonca’s Tragic And Untimely Death…

Marilla Mendonca was a Brazilian singer and instrumentalist, who receievd a Latin Grammy Award in 2019. Known for adding sentiments to traditions, she was known for creating soulful music, focused on failed relationships.

Before her death, Mendonca released the live album Todos os Cantos, which featured shows recorded by the singer in all the state capitals. The Latin Grammy-winning album was an instant hit and was certified triple platinum by Pro-Música Brasil. 

Sadly, she passed away on November 5, 2021, following a plane crash. The 26-year-old artist, also known as the “queen of sofrência”, was on her way to Caratinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil, for a local concert.

Her death was confirmed by her press office, and it was reported that her producer, Henrique Ribeiro; her uncle (also her assistant), Abicieli Silveira Dias Filho; and the pilot and co-pilot of the plane were all killed in the crash. Following her death, Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, said on Twitter:

“The whole country receives in shock the news of the death of the young country singer Marília Mendonça, one of the greatest artists of her generation, who, with her unique voice, charisma, and music won the affection and admiration of all of us.

Recently, her autopsy photo leak has stirred controversy as these heart-breaking photos continue to circulate across social media. Fans, on the other hand, are wondering about the person who leaked these photos in the first place.

Marilia’s Family Issues Statement Following Autopsy Leak

Following Marilia Mendonca’s autopsy photo leak controversy, the deceased artist’s family issued a furious statement. The note read, “We are all shocked just to imagine the possibility of something of this nature existing, and of people being able to spread this type of content.”

Her legal team is already taking requisite steps to further prevent the spread of these controversial photos. Robson Cunha, the singer’s lawyer, is already in contact with the authorities and will take the necessary measures to punish those responsible for such a brutal act. Her legal team is currently in contact with the authorities.

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