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Who is Mykhailo Fedorov? Everything About Ukraine’s Youngest Minister

Amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine on the ground, Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister, is devising a digital strike on Russia by calling out big US tech companies to block all Russian and Belorussia accounts.

Taking to his Twitter handle Fedorov wrote, “You are definitely aware of what is happening in Ukraine right now. Russia [declared] war not for Ukraine but for all [the] civilized world. If you support human values, you should [leave] the Russian market.”

He also urged to stop the participation of Russian and Belorussian teams and gamers temporarily.

Mykhailo Fedorov is devising a digital strike on Russia

He added, “I appeal to temporarily block all Russian and Belorussia accounts, temporarily stop the participation of Russian and Belorussian teams and gamers in all international esports events and cancel all international events golding on the territory of Russia and Belarus.”

Mykhailo Fedorov has tagged Tesla CEO, Elon Musk and Apple CEO, Tim Cook on Twitter, and his aggression on social media is creating impact as there are full of appeals by fellow Twitteratis to all big tech giants.

Even though some companies have taken action after the outrage, other companies like Sony, Microsoft have not acknowledged his plea.

EA has restricted Russian teams from both FIFA 22 and NHL 22 which is in line with action taken by the real-world FIFA and UEFA’s ban on all Russian teams from competition. However, EA took action, not on the basis of Fedorov’s request.

We will cover everything you need to know about Mykhailo Fedorov in our article today.

Who is Mykhailo Fedorov?

Mykhailo Fedorov is a Ukrainian politician who is presently serving as First Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine for the last three years.

Fedorov completed his graduation from Zaporizhzhya National University. He is the founder of SMM Studio.

Political Career

Fedorov contested elections as a member of the 5.10 political party in 2014 but he was not successful. The 5.10 political party did not pass the mandatory 5% threshold as it gained just .42% during elections and was placed at 14th place among all the political parties.

After the 2019 Ukrainian presidential election, Fedorov became an advisor to President Volodymyr Zelensky. Even though he is not a registered member of the party during the 2019 Ukrainian parliamentary election, Fedorov was on a party list of the Servant of the People political party.

In 2019, Fedorov was appointed as Minister of Digital Transformation in the present Honcharuk Government after which he surrendered his deputy mandate. “state in a smartphone” project is Fedorov’s most important project as minister.

The Twitter account of Fedorov currently has more than 195,000 followers which had just 98 followers a year ago, as reported by Washington Post.

Recently Ukraine Minister made the announcement of the creation of the IT Army and asked Ukrainians to attack Russia on the cyber front.

Below are the appeals made by Fedorov to all the big tech companies:



Elon Musk



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