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Who is Momoispimpin? TikTok User Got Tasered by Police Officers

A TikTok user Momoinspimpin’s TikTok videos went viral showing how she got tasered by a police official. He posted a series of now-deleted videos depicting the harsh act of police officials. Let us know who  Momoispimpin is.

Who is Momoispimpin?

There is not much information available about the true identity of Momoispimpin. What we know is that he has around 12.2k followers on TikTok. He has only two videos apart from the third video which is now deleted.

Momoispimpin’s other two videos: one about styling his hair and the other showing him shaking a bottle to make it freeze. Interestingly, his videos have around 355.6k likes. He hasn’t uploaded any more videos yet.

The Tasering Incident

The online personality Momoispimpin has now deleted the clip which narrated a horrific incident of him sitting in his car. A police official suddenly came and asked him to remove his seat belt.

Another police officer came with a gun held in his hand and asked the TikTok user to move out and put his phone down. One could see that the police officer was continuously asking Momoispimpin to put his phone down. However, he disobeyed them.

The police officer with the gun then tasered him to the ground. The video is now deleted but went viral just after it was uploaded. Several people are talking about this incident wherein the young online personality was constantly tasered by these officers.

If you haven’t seen the video, let me tell you how Momoispimpin responded to these cops. He simply begged them that the phone was for his safety. He said, “This is for my safety. Please, don’t do this. I can’t drop the phone. I can’t. This is for my safety, I can’t do it. I’m sorry, I can’t do it. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

Despite this, the officers tasered this person on the ground. The incident appears to be one of the April Fools Day pranks. However, it is possible that it could be some sort of bullying. And if that’s the case, it’s sad that police officers could commit such an act.

My theory…

The latest update about this video is that one of the police officers also used an electronic combative device with 50,000 volts of electricity. This makes us hard to believe that this is one of the April Fools Day pranks.

There is no update regarding this incident on the internet. However, one can infer that Momoispimpin got bullied by these officers. Another theory is that someone was fooling him on the occasion of April Fools Day. Keep reading my articles because I will fill you in with the latest updates regarding this incident. What do you think about this incident?

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  1. When it comes to police, anything you say or do can or will be used against you in the courtroom. Actions on social media can make finding unbiased jury members more difficult at a time when the pandemic has already slowed the legal process, they could also result in retaliation. The young man probably wants this over as quickly as possible, whether he’s facing charges and/or filing a civil lawsuit for misconduct.

  2. However he disobeyed there order!??who gives a fk.. that doesn’t give police the right to jump to whatever proportion of violence they plz.. let me guess, we should be thrilled he wasn’t murdered right.. they say police work is hard. Well it’s apparent they make it hard in themselves.. it looks fairly easy to me. Just don’t use ur weapons, beat, and oh ya murder people who don’t pose any threat to you cas your ego and fee fees got hurt.. if you can’t handle it get a different job. We need the best and brightest for law enforcement. Not any jobber out there..

  3. Y’all are stupid!
    The command was, “Get out of the car!”, and this smartmouth says “Should I take my seat belt off?”
    No. Leave the seat belt on and get out of the car. DUH!

    He was looking for a fight from the get-go.
    Did any of you self-righteous morons bother to question why Mr. Pimpin was stopped? Broken tail light? Did he pass a school bus with flashing lights? MURDER????? No. Cops are bad, end of story. SMH

    Y’all are just like West Coast politicians. Defund the police…….until the criminals come to MY house.

    • Keep licking those boots. These cops were mad because he bruised their ego. We as citizens have rights to film police encounters. It is our duty to keep them in check; after all they are regular people like us. Folks like you enable this kind of behavior from cops. Instead of using de-escalation tactics, they throw gasoline on fires with no consequences. If it were up to you, the cops word would be law. News flash, almost any citizen can become a com, just finish the training and viola. If anything, we should hold them to a higher standard because of their position of power. It’s okay, go ahead and keep submitting to authority and letting them infringe upon your rights boot licker!!

      • If your right to hold a phone and film thru a arrest.then they wouldn’t be allowed to handcuff u because it interferes with u recording. And if they are going to do something bad they take your phone after cuffed and throw it away. And can a phone interfere with handcuffing that is decided by police not u. I’m for filming get a lanyard or put in shirt pocket and film all u need even after handcuffed

    • It’s better to not have any cops at all and let the streets be run with thugs, BLM burning shit down, rapists, murderers, homless pissing and shitting on the streets, violent crimes, etc etc. No one likes cops! But people love crime ! Just as long as a cop doesn’t hurt us…..cops are mean. Cops are bullies. Cops scare people.

    • C’mon dude seriously? It’s a well established fact that bigoted or incompetent police will shoot you regardless of of whether you co-operate or not. Look at Charles Kinsey and Philando Castille.

      Yeah maybe it’s not all police but in a country where it’s ok to be racist and the thin blue line protects those who have the authority to kill us, I’d be recording them too.

      • America is the least racist country on earth. Which is why half of the world is trying to move here. We have a problem with criminal minorities and they make up sob stories and cry racism when the police justly arrest them.

    • When you have a gun pointed at you the last thing you want to do is reach back into the car. He did the right thing asking if he could take his seat belt off. Bottom line is he was compliant and was not armed and they tased him. Besides, you are allowed to record the police when performing their official capacity. I’m not a defund the police guy. I support our police men and women. But in this instance they were wrong and the department probably sued.

      • Being a bystander and being arrested u have different rights. Does the filming law say u have right to hold phone in hand during a arrest. It’s up to u to find a way to comply and record. Shirt pocket lanyard. But 5 seconds of recording before handcuff does little help.

  4. Why would this be an April Fool’s prank???? That makes zero sense with police lights flashing behind him and all!! The police need to be fired. That’s it. Zero tolerance for this sht. They broke the law. The broke trust. It doesn’t matter what this guy supposedly did they used excessive force because he wouldn’t put his PHONE down which was only for his safety and protection. God knows what they would’ve done if he wasn’t recording.

  5. Article titled “who is Momoispimpin?”

    Fails to answer this basic question in the entire article and just writes about what everyone with access to tiktok literally already knows.

    His real name is Mohammed Mifta Rahman. About 19 years old. Previous arrests for firearms, DUI and was outstanding for a warrant for domestic assault at the time these officers stopped him and he refused to comply with basic instructions.

    There. Did part of your job for you, and I don’t even claim to be a journo.

    I miss the days when journalists actually tried to do actual journalism and write stuff that is more than skin-deep.


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