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Who is Christina Tinx Najjar? Tiktok Star Apologizes for Controversial Posts

Recently, the TikTok star Christina Tinx Najjar offered an apology for posting a few controversial tweets on social media. Read the article further to catch more insights about the whole incident.


Christina apologized to all her fans on Instagram

Tinx issued a statement that read, “About 10 years ago, I sent some truly nasty, mean, horrible tweets. I called people that I had never met fat, pathetic and ugly. I even called Kim Kardashian fat, which is ironic considering she is my number one idol and person I look up to. When I read the tweets back, I am ashamed and embarrassed. They are mean spirited, and I am not mean-spirited—but I used to be.”

The TikTok Star further added, “Let me tell you about the girl who wrote those tweets. I was 21, and deeply, deeply insecure. I hated myself and had a bad relationship with my body. I was also extremely lost. I’ve told you guys about that before. About being so lost and wanting to find a passion and find my voice.”

Christina continued, “So, I tried on many hats, one of which was [a] mean tweeter to get a laugh. And it’s not funny at all. Only insecure people punch down. And only deeply insecure people try to make others the butt of the joke. Being mean is not funny, it’s just plain mean. Hurt people, hurt people and I know my words caused hurt.”

She concluded by saying, “If you’ve been following me for a little bit, you know they are not representative of who I am. I am very sorry. I am a work in progress.”

What does Christina do for a living?

Tinx is a content creator and social media influencer by profession. She started posting videos on TikTok during the Covid-19 pandemic. She is best known for her content that revolves around dating advice, celebrity commentary, and “starter packs for rich moms”.

Christina was born in Washington, D.C. and brought up in London, where she got admission to an all-girls school. She traveled to California at the age of 19 to study English literature and creative writing at Stanford University.

Soon after graduating, she began working at Gap Inc.’s retail management program. Later on, she enrolled in Parsons School of Design’s fashion journalism master’s program.

When did Tinx come into the spotlight?

Christina made her TikTok account in the summer of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. She garnered nearly a million followers on the video posting platform within a year. Then, a large majority of her audience consisted of females.

Tinx has been dubbed the “older sister” of TikTok due to her honesty about a variety of topics, including romance and mental health. She caught the public eye when she started began posting skits about being in your late 20s and celebrity gossip.

We are glad that the TikTok star has owned up to the mistakes that have been made by her in the past. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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