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Who is 399 Year Old Woman? Fake Story Goes Viral on TikTok

The internet is a wild place but people are wilder, especially how they will spread false information of all kinds. And then there are those who will readily believe all of that too.

Recently, a video went viral on social media as an alleged 399-year-old woman’s existence started to come into question. People were shaken with disbelief as this clip surfaced all over the internet.

The rumors about a 399-year old woman existing are false 

Just a while ago, a video of an old Buddhist monk had gone viral all over TikTok, with people claiming that he was 163 years old. However, those rumors were shut down as they were fake.

And now, a similar video has spread on TikTok wherein an extremely frail, emaciated, and old person is seen laying on a bed. And some users started to claim that the person in the video is a woman who is almost 400 years of age.

Turns out, all such speculation is a mere hoax as the person in the video is actually the same monk who got famous for supposedly being 163 years of age.

399-year old woman is just the 109-year old monk in disguise

The monk who was rumored to be 163 years old is actually 109 years of age.

Luang Pho Ya is a Buddhist monk who resides in Thailand, and who was recently became a TikTok obsession as people claimed him to be the world’s oldest person to be alive. His granddaughter posted videos about him on her TikTok account which started to grab a lot of attention with all sorts of crazy speculations.

In fact, one of the videos wherein the monk is lying on a hospital bed bagged about 88 million views with more than thousands of comments.

Now, another such video went viral wherein he is sleeping on a bed in a mustard yellow sweater and a woolen cap of the same color. And while some people ended up confusing him for a 399-year-old woman, others deliberately spread false rumors about the same.

About Luang Pho Ya 

The 109-year old monk became the center of attraction all over social media after some of his clips that his granddaughter posted went viral on TikTok.

Things went to such a great length that some people started alleging that Luan Pho Ya, although alive, was a living mummy as his body went through the process of mummification.

But all such rumors were put to rest after his real age had been revealed.

The oldest person alive in the world 

It isn’t some non-existent 399-year old woman and neither is it the alleged 163-year old man.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Kane Tanaka is the oldest living person in the world as she is 119 years of age.

Born in January 1903, this woman has witnessed it all, from two world wars to two global pandemics as well, including the Spanish Flu of 1918.

Although her husband sadly passed away at the age of 90, Kane currently has a big, happy family of five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

On January 1, Kane’s great-granddaughter shared a couple of pictures on Twitter as she turned 119 and hoped that she continues to “live life cheerfully and to the fullest.”

The world’s oldest woman alive is presently residing in a nursing home.

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