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What Is The Hidden Meaning Behind ‘Angel Cut With Layers’?

While some TikTok trends continue to put its users in danger, there are still some that are reaping benefits for the platform’s 1 billion active users. One such recent trend is the “Angel Cut With Layers” trend, which is circulating all over the video-sharing platform. While some users think that the trend has something to do with hairstyle, this trend certainly has a hidden meaning behind it. Read on to know what exactly is this ‘Angel Cut With Layers’ trend.

Angel Cut With Layers: The Hidden Meaning

From signals to secret codes, TikTok has encouraged several female-friendly trends to help them cope with all sorts of violence. While the name “Angel Cut With Layers” has to do with a form of hairstyle, the trend certainly has a hidden meaning behind it. In general terms, the new trend relates to “layering the hairstyle for girls” and sharing videos on TikTok, but again, it is not confined to fashion and has a deeper meaning behind it. 

To clarify the doubts, a hairstylist named Leda Fazal came forward to enlighten users about this recent trend. According to her, “Angel Cut With Layers” is a secret code used by women to inform their hairstylists that they are undergoing an abusive relationship or are victims of domestic abuse.

For instance, if a woman asks her hairstylist to give her an “angel cut with layers”, she does not mean to give her a revamp, but is actually pointing out that they are in trouble and are seeking help. In order to explain it further, Leda, 21 is openly speaking about domestic violence and the code phrase “angel cut with layers” through short skits.

The 21-year-old influencer captions her TikTok:  “Nobody should control how you wear your hair period”. The video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times and has sparked debate on the subject of “domestic violence”. Many people from her professional line have shown gratitude to the young lady as otherwise, they would have been unable to identify such victims.

More Trends Like “Angel Cut With Layers”

Angel Cut With Layers” is not the only trend that is being used as a secret code for domestic abuse. Previously, a “hand signal” went viral on TikTok after a 16-year-old domestic abuse victim was rescued in Kentucky by the police, thanks to the “hand signal”. It was reported that she used hand gestures to seek help from authorities.

If you don’t know this, a “Signal For Help”, also known as “Violence At Home Signal For Help was created in 2020 by the Canadian Women’s Foundation” during the Covid-19 pandemic to combat the rising cases of domestic violence. This means that women were asked to hold one hand up with a thumb tucked into the palm and then fold the other four fingers down to show that they are undergoing some sort of abuse.

The organization received international praise for coming up with a such solution. Family and domestic violence have become a common problem in the United States, affecting approximately 10 million people every year. Statistics reveal that one in four women and one in nine men undergo domestic violence. If you ask me, such signals are a good tool to combat such cases, so please, share this article and spread the word to ensure a happier and safer place for your loved one.

Domestic Violence Helpline: “If you or any person you perceive is coping with residence abuse, you should contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233.”

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