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What is Space Jam DVD Challenge? Decoding the TikTok Trend

TikTok which is known for witnessing some really strange trends is back with one more trend on its platform.

The latest trend going viral on TikTok is the Space Jam DVD Challenge. Wondering what it is? Well, we are here to decode what is it and why it has been trending on TikTok.

According to the Space Jam DVD trend which is actually a challenge, TikTokers are adding their own versions (additions) syncing with the unique video Space Jam DVD thus making it go viral.

Let us get into more details about the Space Jam DVD trend as to what is it and why it has been trending.

Everything about the Space Jam DVD Challenge on TikTok

A number of TikTok users who are part of this trend are coming up with some surprising yet soothing harmonies and a few others are showing their creativity by stitching some really quirky and catchy versions.

What is the TikTok’s Space Jam DVD Challenge?

Actually, the Space Jam DVD Challenge kicked off after the TikTok user and musician Stacey Ryan created as well as sang her own version.

On the 30th of December 2021, the Montreal-based singer and songwriter opened the door for an “Open Verse Challenge”.

As per that, she sang a few lines and gave the challenge to her fans to come up with their own version of creative music and add it to the video to complete the track.

After that, Ashton Lyons who is one of Stacey’s viewers and has the TikTok name as “vibebasket” stitched the artist’s existing video by adding his self-created short video murmuring the ‘Space Jam DVD’ a number of times while revealing to the viewers his collection of the movie Space Jam’s DVDs.

Here is the video clip which gives you a clear understanding of the ‘Space Jam DVD Challenge’. Check it out!

After this, a number of users have been coming up with their funny and quirky versions of the video on TikTok. However, it is Ashton’s Space Jam DVD that has actually gone viral on the platform.

A few users matched with the already existing melodies whereas a few others tried something creative.

Here is how you participate in TikTok Space Jam DVD Trend

By any chance, if you also want to be part of the Space Jam TikTok trend, you just have to create your clip or song that can match Stacey’s singing clip and Ashton’s Space Jam DVD one.

If you want to show your singing talent, you can certainly sing or harmonize while creating your version. If not, users can simply do some other funny/quirky things to create a clip. Those interested can also add their own verses to the original video of Stacey.

Some of the Best Clips from the Trend

“nickaproducer”, a TikTok user showcased his creativity by coming up with a very unique version by using a digital counter to sync with the existing music.

Another TikTok user with the name “Erik Cosinski” created a funny version of the clip by adding his comments to sync with the video.

Do share in our comments section if you also have showcased your creativity by being a part of this latest Space Jam DVD Challenge trend on TikTok!

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