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What is “Can We Talk” Challenge on TikTok?

TikTok’s ”Can We Talk” Challenge Has Hit Off.

Love TikTok? Well-versed with the platform? If the answer is yes and yes, then I am certain you are aware of what we are about to discuss today.

TikTok has always managed to astound us with its day-to-day challenges, funny and out-of-the-block trends, and of course dangerous dares.

More to this trend is the ”Can We Talk” challenge which is all about you displaying and putting fantastic singing talent upfront.

The Can We Talk challenge has got many people to showcase their hidden singing skills and talent.

If you are an avid user of TikTok, you have most certainly seen your feed flooded with singers singing lyrics to ”Can We Talk”. The trend is being followed by TikTok users and even celebs.

More on the ”Can We Talk” Challenge?

Creators have lined up to showcase their singing abilities.

Every alternate day TikTok throws one challenge or another right at us. People love it though. Be it the Chia Seed Challenge or Fanta Maggie, every little thing gets viral on the Internet and we can’t thank TikTok enough for it.

The ”Can We Talk” song by Tevin Campbell has gotten many celebrities and users to be a part of it. The challenge requires users and celebs to actively participate in the challenge and sing the classic song.

Your TikTok feed with various users singing the iconic song must be calling out to you. The song is to be sung without any instrument.

Currently, there are many TikTok’s from the ”Can We Talk” challenge that is going viral and have garnered a million views.

How to Participate in Can We Talk Tiktok Trend?

Are you willing to be a participant in the ”Can We Talk” Challenge? Well, you can. It’s an open invite from TikTok and anyone can participate in the challenge.

Just open your TikTok and film yourself singing the ”Can We Talk’ track and share it on your TikTok feed with all the hashtags that it is entitled to.

Users who have already participated in the challenge believe that only those users should participate in the challenge who can sing. This is primarily because other TikTok videos from supreme singers might just put the singers with no singing skill under pressure.

Disclaimer: The challenge isn’t for everyone.

Celebs are in for the Challenge!

What is better than an actual singer singing the song and doing the entire justice to it?

Moreover, no one can indeed replace the original singer but users have still done their best.

Furthermore, some of the popular celebs have taken up on the challenge and have shared their TikTok’s with fans. They have outdone themselves.

R&B Singer Tank was one of the many popular celebs who participated in the challenge. His TikTok has racked up a total of 500,000 views and that’s how many times his voice has been heard.

In addition to the previous name, the next one in line is Anthony Hamilton to participate in the challenge. His TikTok has 119,000 views and the numbers are increasing as I write this.

Are you a participant in the “Can We Talk” challenge? Tell us all about it.

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