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Wack 100 Encourages Ray J To Commit Suicide After the Rapper Shared Suicidal Thoughts

Ray J recently sparked concern over social media after he posted suicidal thoughts on Instagram. The rapper was sitting on a ledge and was thinking of jumping off, ending his life, as per the messages he posted on social media.

Thankfully, Ray did not take the horrible step and is said to be fine now. Looking at his state, the internet was flooded with messages of strength, wishes and sympathy for the rapper. 

While almost everyone urged the rapper not to harm himself, a certain someone had the opposite feelings. Music manager Wack 100 was seen encouraging Ray J to end his life with his comments on his posts.

Wack 100 told Ray J to Jump Off the Ledge

On October 6, Ray J posted some suicidal messages on his Instagram. “If it wasn’t 4 my Kidz I would jump off and die tonight,” he captioned a video capturing the moon, sitting on an elevated surface. In the second video, he was seen on a ledge with his feet dangling, asking his followers, “SHOULD I JUST JUMP off and end it rit [sic]. Now!!! ????”

He followed the posts with Instagram stories, writing, “trying to figure it out – maybe this life was a illusion – maybe the next life was my real reality” and “IF I DIE TONIGHT.” Everyone was greatly alarmed by his posts and encouraged him not to harm himself, including his sister Brandy, who shared a photo with him and wrote, “Need you bro @rayj”

Meanwhile, instead of encouraging the rapper to live his life, Wack 100 was seen telling him to jump off the ledge. “JUMP GET IT OVER WITH! WE DON’T PLAY LIKE THIS ON PIRU,” wrote the music manager on one of Ray’s suicidal posts.

Wack 100 is Drawing Flak on Social Media

The manager is now facing a lot of criticism on social media for his insensitive comments and terrible suggestion to Ray J. “Wack100 always been a weirdo but telling ray j to jump on that post was pure evil. always in other people business doing nasty work. Disgusting,” tweeted a fan.

Another one wrote, “Telling somebody to off themselves and then they turn around and do it is basically murder so if ray j actually did end up jumping wack100 would be going to jail. And his name should be wack-0 for this.” A fan also tweeted, “#CancelWack100 do you know how mean that is?! If Ray J does do it, Wack, you’ll be on trial for murder!”

Ray J and Wack 100 have Worked Together Earlier

A source close to Ray J has revealed that the 41 year old was drunk when he posted the suicidal videos. He is said to be fine now and doing alright. The source also revealed that the videos were taken when Ray J was on vacation with his on-and-off wife, Princess Love.

Meanwhile, fans were particularly shocked to see Wack 100 posting such insensitive comments since he had worked with the rapper in the past. Ray J was managed by Wack 100 till a few years ago, and the two were thought to be friends.

If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

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