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Users can Now Upload Video Resumes on Tiktok

Those days are gone when you have to prepare your CVs and cover letters to apply for a job, thanks to TikTok’s resumes trial. Here you will find how you can use your TikTok video to apply and get a job.

Although TikTok was initially made for entertainment purposes, with time it has gained an immense amount of popularity in society because of its vast range of content. TikTok has helped many artists to rise in their careers, but on the contrary, it is also responsible for the rise of various controversial trends, such as the Face Wax Challenge, and the Corncob challenge.

Nevertheless, now on the positive side, TikTok is using its popularity to help users get employed. After noticing the sudden increase in the career opportunity of content creation, the video-sharing platform, TikTok has decided to launch its own initiative. For a long time, TikTok has been used for many other purposes besides entertainment, such as doing business on TikTok as a market tool. Recently TikTok posted that, they are wishing to add more value to the audience experience with their platform, by using its popularity as a source for recruitment.

All About TikTok Resumes

The program TikTok Resumes will be valid till 31st July, and already have tons of brands that are ready to invest in it. Using this opportunity, one can apply for digital and content creator posts at companies like All Recipes and Popsugar. This is a two-way deal, as the digital application submitted by various creators will allow them to demonstrate the skills that different vacancies ask for. However, if you are good in hospitality and retail, there is something for you too, as Target and Chipotle are being part of this TikTok initiative.

Getting the opportunity to apply for regular jobs using this new TikTok initiative, is definitely going to open a new way of recruiting people in the coming future.

How To Apply Using TikTok Resumes?

It’s very easy to apply for different jobs using TikTok Resumes. For example, if you want to apply for any specific company or vacancy, all you need to do is tag them or use hashtags. Other than this, you can also create a specific video related to the job or company you are applying for to attract the recruited towards you. Most importantly, don’t forget to use the hashtag #TikTokResumes¬†while uploading your content.

This initiative by TikTok also encourages the new way of applying for regular jobs without sharing your personal details like email address and phone number. Your submitted resumes, in the form of video, will be available in public and any recruiter who’s looking for a possible candidate can contact you through that video.

Lastly, this initiative is mainly US-based, so you will mainly get US recruiters. You can search more about this initiative by going www.tiktokresumes.com on the web or searching #TikTokResumes¬†on TikTok’s official app.

So, if you think you are creative enough to impress different companies and recruiters, why don’t you go to TikTok and showcase your skills?

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