Cauliflower rice is no longer a new phenomena. It has taken over the internet now for the last couple of years, with recipes coming out for everything from cauliflower-based pizza crust, makeshift tortillas, a stand in for mashed potatoes, and perhaps in its most popular avatar, faux rice. Time to desi up the trend and make a low-carb pulao by way of riced cauliflower!

Ricing a head of cauliflower is a fairly easy, if not a bit messy endeavor, particularly if you’re using a box grater like I’ve used in this recipe. Frozen food industry juggernauts like Green Giant, Birds Eye, and Cascadian Farm, to name just a few, have come out with frozen, already riced cauliflower. You could certainly use these to make pulao, but be warned, the moisture that is released from these frozen varieties make for a soggier pulao. This is why I prefer to do the grunt work of ricing my cauliflower as it mimics the texture of rice grains, which then tricks my senses and makes me feel as if I’m actually eating rice.

At the risk of sounding like your neighborhood Auntyji, I would also advise you use the homemade masala mix I list here. Sure, you could use ready-made pulao or even biriyani spice mixes for quicker cooking. But i’m partial to my own mix because it makes for a yummier end product.

Either way, this is a recipe that’s easy on the waistline and wallet. Boom!