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TikTok Viral: Zombie Shark Found in Abandoned Aquarium

Looks like a zombie spectator’s wishes are coming true. But things are a little different this time.

Sharks are one of the most dangerous creatures that roam the deep blue ocean but now they’re roaming as a Tiktok trend.

In an unsettling new movie of an abandoned aquarium, images of a mummified shark that looks like a zombie. As well as other dead and decaying aquatic creatures have been captured.

This aquarium was not well-known in its home nation, Spain. So, some urban explorers decided to conduct research and investigate the ‘abandoned aquarium, where they discovered a shark that closely resembled a ‘zombie shark.’

However, if you haven’t seen the video yet, this article will inform you of what was in it in a very short and simple way. You only need to do one thing, just continue reading.

What Was In The Video Of Zombie Shark?

A little reef shark’s rotting remains are seen inside a damaged display case in the video. The shark was already dead when it was put on exhibit, based on the size of the glass box.

The body was likely cleaned with chemicals and kept in an airtight case to maintain it. Because after the case broke and the shark was exposed, it began to decompose slowly, giving it a zombie-like aspect.

Why Wasn’t The ‘Zombie Shark’ Moved To A Different Aquarium?

All living animals were transported to new aquariums when the aquarium was destroyed and evacuated.

However, because the shark carcass was not a major worry at the time, they may have left it behind, Juj’ Urbex speculated in the movie.

Oh, there is a new name mentioned, and you probably haven’t heard of ‘Juj’ Urbex. Let me explain.

Who Is Juj’ Urbex?

Juliette is also known as Juj’ Urbex, are a city explorer and content generator. She has been a ‘video fanatic’ for over 10 years, according to her YouTube ‘about’ section.

Juj’ Urbex uses TikTok to share short films of her excursions, and she now has 766.4 thousand followers. She also has a YouTube account with more than 234 thousand subscribers.

Juj’ Urbex is a content producer and an explorer of areas associated with a town or city. She and some of her teammates, as we all know, toured this deserted aquarium.

She also has a YouTube channel with 235k subscribers, 11,247,920 views, and 123 videos, as well as a Tiktok account, which has over 766.4 thousand followers

She’s from France, and her YouTube channel description would obviously be written in French.

As a result, you’re unlikely to comprehend it, so we’ve explained to you guys about her in English so you can follow along.

How Did Juj’Urbex React On This Creepy Discovery?

She was obviously ‘surprised,’ yet she described it as the ‘creepiest thing she has ever seen.’

Even if it was already dead before the place was abandoned, it made me sad. Iwas particularly perplexed as to why it had never been removed,’ she explained.

Although urban explorers come across a wealth of unusual and frightening organisms, for Juj’Urbex, this was the creepiest one yet:

‘Finding the shark has to be the creepiest sensation I’ve ever experienced. It was still alive and well, and with all of its teeth, it was quite frightening.’ She explained the Zombie Shark’s appearance.

She also stated that it was not the first time she has come across dead animals on her wanderings in lonely metropolitan environments, which have included visits to abandoned amusement parks and even the Chernobyl nuclear accident site.

‘I’ve previously discovered pets in abandoned homes… It’s horrifying; they’re frequently starved to death’ said Juju Urbex.

Some Other Creatures Who Were Found In The Abandoned Aquarium Of Spain

Not only did the investigators discover a decomposing shark, but they also discovered the rotting remnants of an octopus and a squid in separate shattered glass jars.

These animals, like the shark, were most likely already dead when the aquarium was totally abandoned.

And the cephalopods began to decay after their jars, which most likely contained formaldehyde, were crushed.

Two sea stars were also discovered. However, unlike the other species, these crustaceans had not begun to decompose because they had been entirely dried up before being displayed.

What do you think about this discovery? Do you find it creepy or amusing? We surely want to know about this in the comments area below.

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