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TikTok Spa Water Trend and Controversy Explored

It is a known thing to all of us that every now and then something or the other keeps trending on social media. And of course, TikTok is one such popular video-sharing social media platform that has been witnessing some bizarre trends as well as popping up some weird things and at times sparked controversies as well.

Today we will cover one such trend and the controversy related to a popular Spa Water that is making buzz on TikTok. Let us get started.

What on earth is TikTok’s Spa Water Controversy?

TikTokers combine water, lime juice, and sugar with fruit and cucumber pieces to create the Spa Water. Although the water-based beverage is very popular, some individuals believe it to be controversial.

The Spa Water video series was created by Gracie Norton, a content creator who posted it on TikTok. Gracie enjoyed more than 549K followers and received over 5.8M likes on her videos on the platform before she was banned on TikTok for facing backlash from many users.

TikTok’s Spa Water Trend

TikTok’s viral spa water video was posted by Gracie by preparing a drink titled ‘spa water’ and claimed that it was her idea.

She had no idea that what she had created was actually a typical soft Latin beverage called Agua Fresca, whose Spanish meaning is “cold water.” Agua Fresca is a refreshing fruity non-alcoholic beverage that is well-liked all over Mexico. The recipe for the drink includes fruit, water, sugar, and ice, which gives it a pleasant, refreshing taste.

TikTok’s Spa Water Controversy

After some users stated that Norton’s influencer’s “spa water” drink was actually just a common Mexican beverage, Norton’s video received a significant amount of negative feedback on TikTok. When Norton referred to the beverage as “spa water,” the internet was swamped with criticism of her obvious ignorance and theft.

Many people, particularly Latinos, have claimed that white people are gentrifying Mexican Agua Fresca. Gracie subsequently deleted her TikTok Spa Water series as a result of the entire issue. Her TikTok account was also banned as a result of persistent criticism. She even tendered her apology to the people she “offended.”

She issued a statement saying, “Recently I filmed a spa water series, which I titled incorrectly. The proper name for this drink is Agua Fresca, and the origin belongs to the Latin community. Many of you have let me know that you would feel most comfortable if the videos were completely removed, so that is what I have done.”

The 24-year-old internet celebrity added, “A majority of my content is about celebrating the many ways we can show our bodies love through trying new recipes, and I am aware that it is my responsibility to continue to educate myself on the origin of those recipes. I sincerely apologize to the Latin community and those of you that I have offended.”

Who is Gracie Norton?

Gracie Norton is a social media influencer presently residing in Indiana. Her website states that she relocated to Los Angeles after college and that she has worked as a brand manager for startups and as a creative director for YouTube creators.

Gracie explains what she wants her blog to accomplish stating, “a place where I can create a community full of people that enjoy connecting on all things health, beauty, fashion and the simple joys in everyday life.”

Gracie is also quite active on Instagram where she enjoys more than 81K followers as of writing this article.

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