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Tiktok Drama: What Happened Between Lance Tsosie and Chelsea Hart?

On TikTok, trends are prevalent, but controversies are not.

Uh-oh, on TikTok, a debate has just erupted. About a couple who are sharing their personal issues online.

They’re essentially TikTokers, and their followers aren’t sure who to root for. So do you want to know what’s going on? If yes, go on and read, but first, let us tell you about the cute couple.

About Lance Tsosie

Lance Tsosie was born in the Navajo Nation and is a Diné activist. Under the moniker Modern Warrior, he has amassed a large following on TikTok, where he posts content about Native American culture.


“Hey Colonizer,” he says in his signature catchphrase. Tsosie is on track to graduate with a master’s degree in June 2022.

About Chelsea Hart

Stand-up comedian, opera singer, and street performer from the United States living in London. Everything that Chelsea Hart is.

Chelsea was a member of an amateur theatre group in Alaska from the age of four until she left at the age of twenty-one. This entailed putting her on and acting in a number of theatre productions throughout the year.

In August of 2020, she started posting on TikTok. She talks about religion, science, medicine, and history from a progressive standpoint.

She also debunks conspiracy theories and enjoys Bollywood movies. Her TikTok account, @chelseahartisme, has 1.6 million followers currently.

Lance And Chelsea Were In A Relationship

Chelsea took to TikTok to clarify the incident after a slew of false rumors about the couple started circulating online.

“I have been friends with Lance Sosi for the last year and for the last six months we were romantically involved,” Chelsea stated in a video that has nearly two million views.

“[We] were trying to see each other and see if we could pursue a long-term relationship,” she added, before disclosing that they became friends shortly after she miscarried her baby.

“He supported me magnificently through those things and truly made me feel comfortable,” she continued, adding that she trusted him.

The Controversy That Happened Between The Pair

Chelsea learned Lance’s secret. So what was it? So the secret is that After Lance posted a TikTok with another chic, Chelsea realized he had been on a date with another woman.

This enraged Chelsea, and a controversy ensued. Read on to find out how Chelsea reacted to this, as well as Lance’s response.

Lance Apologized To Chelsea

Lance Apologized In Now-Deleted TikTok Post To Chelsea, But Chelsea Smashed His Apology.

Lance said: “I’m sorry for not being the effective communicator that I intended to be.” He referred to their relationship as a “friendship” as well.

The activist also said: “Nothing I can say will help that. And to everyone else, I’m sorry I let you down. I do hope though, you’ll give me the grace to grow and learn.”


Chelsea responded quickly and directly to the apology. “You’re apologizing for your communication, and I’m perhaps pregnant with your child.”

“Don’t even try to apologize for the way you communicated. Why don’t you apologize for preying on my vulnerability and getting into my pants?”

Oooh, that was a lot of damage!

False rumors circulated by “those who wish to kill Lance Tsosie.”

“People are excessively latching on to my personal drama,” Lance stated flatly. She also requested that anyone who wishes to support her, shut up those false rumors which are spreading of her by those who oppose her.

Chelsea also uploaded a video from ‘@bananaamarie,’ a TikToker who said their stories were “similar.”

“He’s a liar,” Chelsea stated. He’s a master manipulator. And I told him I wasn’t going to do it, and I told myself I wasn’t going to do it, but I’m going to do it anyhow because this is nuts.’

Lance has not responded to Chelsea’s response to his apologies.

Lance aka Modern Warrior, who had over 3 million TikTok followers, lost at least 200,000 as a result of these controversies.

Who do you believe is correct and who is incorrect? Well, they know better about the scene that’s going on, but okay. Do let us know in the comments section.

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  1. I’m confused…he cheated? I was under the impression he had something tough like hiv and didn’t tell her before they had uprotected sex or something. All this informed consent nonsense. Don’t get me wrong…cheating sucks. It hurts. It’s a terrible betrayal but please. I mean were they in a committed relationship? Sounds like a case of a woman scorned and hell and all that

    • it’s more than that. Chelsea said that she wanted a closed relationship when Tsosie asked about polyamory, and she was very clear on that. Then she flew out to him (with a ticket she bought) and they slept together unprotected for a weekend. Right after that, Tsosie posted on Tiktok that he’d gone on a date with another women. That’s where Chelsea found out he was cheating. On Tiktok. She felt betrayed. He was her most trusted confidant and partner, and he betrayed her. And then, during his reply video, he said that he feels sorry for betraying their ‘friendship’, thereby invalidating their relationship. His apology video was clearly nothing more than a pr speech, not a real apology.

  2. She flew herself to Denver to have “relations” and when it didn’t go like she thought it should she enlisted another larger creator to accuse him of Sexual Assault, went on a weird posting spree via ig.

    Most recently the other creator, @bananaamarie has recanted and made a full confession that she lied after being “led” by Chelsea.

    Doubt if she’s pregnant, but the story line “stinks” of bad writing & even worse acting by the accusers. Now they are trying to apologize, but Chelsea is sticking to her awful storyline.

  3. A lot has happened since this was published. Chelsea was being supported by three other major tiktokers who claimed to have been played by Lance as well, BUT THEY RETRACTED THEIR SUPPORT (such as Traversia and AuntKaren).

    They’re now all realizing that Chelsea has been consistently lying for attention and manipulating them. These women, like AuntKaren, who at first blasted Lance for being a “registered sex offender” (he’s NOT) have put out apology videos, AuntKaren in particular deleted her video calling him that and didn’t put up an apology until hours later. It was revealed that Chelsea was contacting these other women in order to get them to manipulate their stories to best hurt Lance, telling them what to post, how to word it, and when to post it. She also made it vaguely seem like she had a miscarriage and HIV, which involved those online communities too.

    Now, white tiktokers like Traversia are apologizing for racism as well, because POC have been hurt by this and we were attacked for calling out Chelsea for her weaponization of white women tears to hurt an Indigenous man. Chelsea accused him of sexual assault in on video before deleting it, then put up another video with her “crying” to dramatic music and blasting Lance before saying “but no, please don’t go and attack him🥺”. But by then, her followers latched onto the idea that he’s a sex offender, which wasn’t helped by Aunt Karen repeating what Chelsea said.

    Black women were attacked for even ‘suggesting’ that Chelsea might be lying or blowing it out of proportion, getting a lot of “so you don’t support sexual assault survivors?!”, or “you’d believe HIM over a woman? If she said it happened, it did!”. We showed concern because of the historical precedence of white women lying about men of color assaulting them to get them lynched (virtually and irl), and because we knew the white supremacists that hate Lance would use this as an excuse to continue and worsen the death threats (which were a reason he had to move before). We also knew that people of color, particularly women, would be facing the blowback of this drama because many white women involved in this don’t understand that just because they’re a woman doesn’t mean they can’t be racist, and even if Lance is a playboy and cheater it doesn’t take away the fact that he’s also a man of color and this endangers him.

    Indigenous women in particular have been hurt by this scandal. Many Indigenous people, like WitchyTwitchy, had their accounts deleted because white women supporting Chelsea went on a rampage attacking and threatening Indigenous people under the assumption they supported Lance.

    Now, the white tiktokers apologized and said they’re sorry for enabling Chelsea and their own follower’s racism. Like Traversia previously said that we can’t bring up race cuz race “has nothing to do with the claims”, but now backtracked on that. However, most of them are “taking breaks from tiktok” after this happened, leaving Indigenous women to clean up their mess

    • This was the actual recap I was looking for— but one of the the things that hasn’t been made clear to me is what lies she told. I’m not questioning her manipulative behavior, but I still remain confused about which parts of her story have been deemed to be patently untrue. Either way— a very good synopsis, thank you!!! I had to stop tiktoking for a bit because this drama dominated my FYP and it was giving me anxiety.


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