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Tiktok 10K Summer Break Challenge Explained in Detail

TikTok trends are all over the internet, and new ones emerge on a daily basis. Some trends are so appealing that we can’t help but try them. And some trends are so bizarre that we’re left wondering what’s going on.

And today, there’s a TikTok trend, which is more of a challenge than you’ll probably want to know about. This trend has gone completely viral and has gotten a lot of attention from the audience. And it has something to do with the weather. It is, indeed, a summer trend.

10K Summer Break Challenge Explained

It’s not a dance trend or anything; it’s something for new content creators. The 10K Challenge challenged all-white content creators to take a break until September 2022.

Some people regard the trend positively, saying that minority creators should be given the opportunity to showcase their talents as well. Because the community is primarily concerned with white creators.

According to the trend, white people deserve a break because every day is a white person’s day, and individuals must all be tired.

Remember when black people went on strike because they didn’t get the same recognition and the platform didn’t give them the same recognition?

Everyone stopped showing off their dance moves, and the strike actually lasted for a few days. And it had an effect.

This Person Created The Trend

Tory Bae, a TikTok user, started this trend by writing, “If you are a white liberal or consider yourself to be a white ally, I have a challenge for you. Don’t create any more content on TikTok until September 22nd.

Honestly, you deserve a break because every day is a white person’s day and you all must be exhausted. So while you sit back, listen, relax, and truly decenter yourself, black indigenous and other people of color, we got it from here.” You might be surprised to learn that her video received over 66k views.

What Can People On ‘Break’ Do?

While white people are not permitted to post on TikTok, they are allowed to like, comment, and share content from other creators who are not on a break. They are on break, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use TikTok.

You should also be aware that there was previously a controversy on the internet regarding minority people not receiving adequate attention. And it all started when TikTok sensation Addison Rae appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

On the show, she also demonstrated some of her popular dance moves and had some fun. And it quickly went viral. Others were disappointed that the show was only showcasing Addison’s talent and that other minority creators did not receive the same attention for their dance moves.

Later, Jimmy, everyone’s favorite host, corrected the problem and gave everyone an opportunity to show off their dance moves. They all had a great time.

That is the challenge, to take a break and allow people to recognize minority users. What do you think about this challenge? You’re welcome to share it in the comment section below.

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