Pradeep Kumar walked into 7-Eleven for a quick purchase and he walked out $1,000,000 richer!

The Indian-American man from Astoria, New York, was visiting family in New Jersey. He decided to stop into 7-Eleven for a “Spectacular” game ticket and boy, was it a lucky day for this guy.

He scratched the ticket while in the store and was bursting with excitement to see that he won the top prize in the lottery game. Somehow, he managed to keep his enthusiasm contained because he didn’t want everyone at the store to know. Playing it cool, he made it home to share the good news with his family.

Kumar was overwhelmed with joy about what the win would mean for him and his family’s future. The Astoria resident later headed to the lottery headquarters in Trenton, New Jersey, with his brothers to validate his ticket and take home his prize.

Apparently, Kumar told officials he plans on buying a house with his winnings.

Sounds like a good plan to us!


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