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The Talyn And Tish TikTok Drama: What Actually Happened?

TikTok celebrities are known to attract controversies. And recently, two TikTok personalities got into a drama that transcended to other social media platforms are well. We are talking about Talyn Talks and Tish, who are trending on the platform after a video posted by the latter went viral.

The video created a lot of buzz and got people worldwide discussing it. Talyn especially got a lot of hate after the video was posted online, and Tish later had to clarify things. Read on to know the full details of the video and the drama that unfolded afterward.

Controversial Video Surfaced on TikTok

Talyn Talks is a famous TikTok star with user id talynntalks. Her account has amassed 905.1k followers and has a total of 54.9m likes till now. In a video posted by Tish on the platform, she was seen celebrating her birthday with Talyn on a yacht.

However, when viewers zoomed in and slowed down the video, they noticed some horrible details in the video. Tish was seen lying on the edge of the yacht while Talyn was stroking her. Tish had allegedly fallen to her breast at the edge of the boat, and Talyn touched her bottom. Talyn was also seen being pulled away by another woman as she stroked Tish.

The video went viral in a few hours, with followers criticizing Talyn for inappropriately touching Tish. The video has been deleted now, but some clips of it are still circulating online.

Talyn Faces Backlash on Social Media

After the circulation of the video, viewers were seen discussing the events of the footage on Reddit. They expressed their anger over Talyn touching Tish without her consent and called it an act of sexual harassment.

Many were also left confused over whether the activities in the footage were done intentionally or mistakenly. 

Talyn denied the claims and posted a video on TikTok saying: “I got accused of something. It was a massive misunderstanding. The people I blame for this happening are the Reddit groups that troll me and pick everything apart I do.”

Tish Releases Statement

Following the controversy, Tish took to social media to clarify that she had not been harassed sexually. She posted a statement that read, “Today, I was given the entire video of what happened. The internet took a piece of this clip, slowed it down, and immediately posted it asking why I had friends that would watch me get SA right in front of them”.

She also posted on her Instagram story, “As someone who has held the position of SA, I can tell you that it is a serious accusation to level against another person. On the day of my birthday, I had quite a few drinks, and I remember being very flirtatious and having a good time.”

“The internet took what they saw in a video and labeled it SA before I could even process. I do not believe I was SA, but I do know how uncomfortable I am.”

Tish, however, added that she went through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after watching the footage. She further defended Talyn and said that she should not be accused of sexual harassment. “Please stop accusing this person of SA as that was not the case,” she wrote.

Following the statement, people have now started criticizing Tish, claiming that she was actually attacked and groped while her friends watched on.

What is your take on the whole drama? Let us know in the comments section.

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