Halloween is a pretty exciting night for most children. The exceptions are kids like little Anjali Patel trapped in last year’s lehenga and a tiara from the dollar shop because her mother refused to buy her a Cinderella costume.

Celebrating Halloween in a South Asian household is a completely different event. Almost every brown kid has struggled through the holiday pushing their parents for the best costumes, the permission to trick-or-treat or attend the Halloween party with the “cool kids.”

Growing up desi isn’t the easiest, but it sure does bring you a lot of awkward stories. Desi YouTubers have used their childhood struggles to develop some hilarious sketches about how Halloween is depicted within a South Asian household. We have a must-watch list for you because if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry, right?

1. Simmi Singh

Vlogger Simmi Singh created a video of what it’s like to decide on costumes to wear for Halloween with your mom. She creates a parody of what it’s like to have a white mom pick out your costume versus a brown mom.

2. Nabela Noor

Like Simmi Singh, Bengali beauty blogger Nabela Noor also created a brown mom related video for Halloween. Noor shows you the struggles of a brown girl during Halloween when you’ve got an indecisive, strict desi mom.

3. Jus Reign

Jus Reign’s “Desi Parents” series also includes a Halloween edition. He recounts his childhood struggles during Halloween like cheap costumes from the 99 cents store and girls being forced to dress as “Indian Princess” with their latest suit or lehenga. Let’s not forget how our parents used to buy less candy so on Halloween they can take our trick-or-treat candy to give to the trick-or-treaters that come to the house. #TheStruggleIsReal

4. Superwoman

Superwoman, aka Lilly Singh, has a ton of Halloween videos that you’re bound to love. However, this recent one where her parents, Paramjeet and Manjeet, pick out Halloween costumes totally hit home. Their choices are so relatable. Their desi parent approved options are “marrying outside their religion,” being “someone who has dirty room,” or being a burnt roti. Check out the rest of the video to find out what else Superwoman’s parents recommend!



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