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The ‘Sidewalk Rule’ on TikTok is Actually Pretty Adorable

TikTok — the platform is awe-inspiring us with some useful advice that we needed.

We’ve seen TikTok videos or we can say TikTok trends of people dancing in the streets or falling brutally. But this time nor they’re dancing on the sidewalks of the street nor this is a dancing trend.

Recently, Tiktok has created a relationship rule for couples. It’s not a rule that you ‘should‘ follow or Tiktok will suspend your account. Rather, Tiktok demonstrates the positive impact and cute moments that this rule can have amongst couples.

This rule isn’t uncommon; in fact, it’s pretty common in those boyfriends that truly love and care for their girlfriends. So, what is this “Sidewalk Rule” that makes a girl’s heart melt when a guy does it and why do people are agreeing with this rule?

If you continue on to the following subtopic, your questions will be answered. It’s actually for your significant other.

Tiktok ‘Sidewalk Rule’ Meaning Explained

According to Tiktok, if you’re dating and you want to know if your partner really loves you genuinely or not this Sidewalk Rule is for you.

If he won’t allow you to walk beside the street side area and will instead exchange places and transfer to the left side, where vehicles are moving.

Users are creating Tiktoks about this trend and advising other ladies that if your man does it, you’re a lucky girl, well if you don’t have a man like this, then find one.

Why Does This Rule Have Such A Positive Impact On Relationships?

Personally, I believe it’s a nice and protective move. Although it may have begun as a means of protecting a woman from splashes, we believe it is a safety gesture. If a car veers off the road, it will hit him before hitting you.

Okay, that was just a theory. But it’s actually kind of cute that they care. Many mothers do this when walking with their children for the same reason.

If you, as a guy, do so, she will immediately feel safe with you and be able to put her trust in you. I can tell you that your gesture will be greatly appreciated and will have a favorable impact on your relationship.

So, if you do that with your crush and she notices this dude, I’ve already set the scene for you. Boys, you’ll have to thank me later.

And if you don’t know, girls and boys both notice little things about the one they love. And they will probably notice this too.

The ‘Sidewalk Rule’ Is Also Picking Up Steam On Twitter

As this was not just popular on Tiktok, but also on Twitter, it appears that this sidewalk rule will help to heal many broken relationships or possibly create a romance between friendships.

I know you’re cute and hot, but did you know about the sidewalk rule, this is what the girls are saying, which plainly reveals that girls are definitely flattered and love this new Tiktok rule.

Here’s what people are tweeting on Twitter:

One tweet was: “Yeah you’re cute but do you know the sidewalk rule?”

Another Twitter user added that she feels horrible for males who don’t do the sidewalk rule. Suggesting that girls adore it and you’re making a mistake if you don’t know about it.

“lol, the fact there’s actually men who don’t do the sidewalk rule… praying for y’all.”

Another girl user tweeted, “If he doesn’t know about the sidewalk rule, leave him.”

Some other fortunate females are tweeting that my partner is aware of the sidewalk rule and that I’m quite blessed.

So, what are your thoughts on the sidewalk rule? Should it solely apply to men or should it also apply to women? You are welcome to share your thoughts on this topic in the comments area below.

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