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The Famous ‘Hocus Pocus’ Cottage Of Sanderson Sisters Can Be Your Halloween Stay This Year

Have you ever wondered, what’s it like to live in the house of your favourite movie?! Like, for example, if you often dream about living in the chocolate palace from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it would be an exciting experience to live it for at least a day. What if I tell you, this can actually be true? 

Well, the famous Hocus Pocus cottage has been transformed into the perfect haunted house for Halloween. For the first time ever, guests can book recreation of the Hocus Pocus cottage in Salem, Massachusetts for a stay this Halloween season – if they dare.

This year’s Hocus Pocus cottage is filled with all kinds of spooky surprises and ghoulish gags. You’ll have to check it out for yourself to see what we mean!

The Famous Hocus Pocus Cottage Of Sanderson Sisters Can Be Your Halloween Stay This Year

The number of remakes and reboots in movies & TV shows is at an all-time high. There’s even a show about people preparing for a remake, which wouldn’t be happening if there weren’t enough people who were looking forward to these new versions.

That’s one of the reasons why Hocus Pocus is still so popular. Even though it might not mean much to you, the movie has had a surprisingly long-lasting legacy. 

Carrying this igniting torch, the Sanderson sisters cottage can be your perfect Halloween stay to spend an adventurous overnight at the famous location.

Hocus Pocus 2 is coming to Disney and what better way to make preparations for the anticipated sequel than by spending the night in the sisters’ creaky old cottage?

The enchanted gingerbread cottage is sure to be the centrepiece of your Halloween festivities. With its own ghostly resident, Hocus Pocus Cottage will provide the perfect backdrop for any costume party or trick-or-treating adventure you have planned for this year.

Whether you want to host a traditional haunted house experience or simply want to decorate your home with festive decorations, this little cottage will make it happen!

Sanderson Sisters invite you to spend a night in the famous AirBnB

A couple of days ago the Sanderson Sisters have announced a new opportunity to spend the night at their time-worn cottage and get 31 dollars off. to explore the cottage’s dark corners.

In celebration of All Hallows’ Eve, The Sanderson Sisters will be hosting the timeworn cottage for a couple of guests. There are shades of darkness that can still be explored before the arrival of complete darkness on Oct. 20th.

Stream Hocus Pocus 2 Right From The Deadly Sisters Cottage

Now is the time to get your hands on some Hocus Pocus magic with a stay in the official Sanderson Sisters’ cottage. Located less than a mile in the remote woods of Salem, Massachusetts this Victorian home is primed to bewitch you.

The offer comes after the highly anticipated release of Hocus Pocus 2 which is gearing up for exclusive streaming on Disney+ on September 30th. 

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