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Taylor Swift’s “Feeling 2022” Trend Has Got Everyone Lip-Syncing and Dancing on TikTok

Feeling 2022 is the next TikTok Trend!

If I start with the number of trends that are making an impeccable remark on TikTok, it’s going to be a never-ending list. Be it the “Just Hay Fever” Trend or “Pushing P” Trend or the popular “Sleepy Chicken” Trend, all of them are going to make history.

Having said enough about ”Trends”, let’s focus on The Feeling 2022 trend which is now taking over the internet.

What is it? What do we know? Let’s find out.

We are in 2022 and can’t admit that it’s going great so far; but, yeah, whatever. TikTok creative minds have taken the initiative to make sure that everyone welcomes 2022 in the best possible manner.

This involves Taylor Swift’s “22” and everyone including Taylor herself is up for the challenge.

Not sure what I am talking about? Allow me to walk you through the “Taylor Swift Feeling 22” Trend.

“Feeling 2022” Trend – Explained

Now that the year 2021 has taken a back seat, it’s time for us to welcome 2022. TikTok users even carry a plan to continue.

To welcome and honor the year 2022, users are making a remix of ”22” which is also one of Taylor Swift’s most popular songs.

With a slight edit in the TikTok version, the original lyrics of the song are: “I don’t know about you / but I’m feeling 22”

As per TikTok’s version of the song, it goes “I’m feeling 2022”

Hear the song out if you are ready and up for the challenge.

To commemorate the singer’s song, Swift’s fans and TikToker’s are taking the challenge with massive respect.

Here is one for you.

Many of the users are using the song to lip-sync, furthermore, they are dancing around the song or showing off their outfits.

One of the TikTok users claims,

“If you play ‘22 (TV)’ by taylor swift at exactly 11:59:18 on new year’s eve, you will enter 2022 with the lyrics “I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22” and I think that’s perfect! #ImFeeling2022.”

Can’t say he is wrong.

The Trend has more to Say & How To Be a Part!

People all over are going crazy and are creating videos. Many videos show that influencers are lip-syncing and dancing to the show to be a part of the trend.

In addition to others, if you are convinced enough to take the challenge, you can go ahead. Be as creative as you want to.

If you wish to use the song, simply start with filming yourself. Make a short clip of yourself before 2021 ends. Make sure to apply the lyrics  “I don’t know about you.”

Then, pause the video and save it.

As soon as you are in 2022 and the clock announces the year, use the same video and add the lyrics, “But I’m feeling 2022”

Taylor Swift has Jumped to Participate

The “Feeling 2022” trend is taking over the Internet. So much so that, Taylor Swift herself tried the trend.

Click here to watch it.

She even read the lyrics  ‘I’m feeling 2022’

Have you got the chance to participate in the trend yet? Let us know.

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