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Super Bowl Sunday’s Most Valuable Recipe: Butter Chicken Monkey Bread

Sunday, February 4, 2021 marks the 52nd Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles up against the New England Patriots!

Who’ll win is yet to be determined but this recipe has championed many a Super Bowl party in past years. In all my years of recipe creation, this is one my favorites. I’ve tested it numerous times to ensure it’s fool-proof for you to recreate for your own party!

What we got going on is buttery naan balls stuffed with butter chicken served with piquant butter chicken jhol as a dipping sauce, all homemade with a masala blend which is a touchdown (I had to use at least one football term here). It’s a less messy and cumbersome finger food version of the more traditional way of eating butter chicken and naan.

If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, this is a crowd pleaser. Or if you need to take it to a potluck party, it’s easily transportable and you can reheat it preheated 350 F oven for approximately 8 minutes.

A few notes about this recipe:

  • There’s nothing authentic about it. My using the word was very tongue in cheek. Many foodies and historians debate the origins and authenticity of butter chicken. There’s certainly nothing authentic about my reimagining it as monkey bread. Yet the flavor profile is still distinctively Indian.
  • Vegetarians and chicken haterz, you could omit the chicken altogether and serve these buttery naan balls with the tomato-cream dipping sauce and still have a winning dish.
  • Naan dough can seem a bit much in this insta-era. Instead, you can use store-bought frozen (and thawed) biscuit dough OR frozen paratha dough (the doughy type found in the freezer section, not the ready made stuff) and still have a delicious dish. If you use store-bought butter chicken, we can’t be friends but yes, you could use it as a filler.
  • Don’t have a bundt cake pan but wanna buy a bundt cake pan but don’t know where to buy a good bundt cake pan? Boom. Bundt cake pan.

Let’s get to cooking!



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