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Streamer of the Year Award goes to Ludwig

Streamer of the Year Awards has concluded and the winner is none other than Ludwig Anders Ahgren. The 26-year-old Youtube streamer and podcaster is now the most distinguished streamer. And why not? He continues to push boundaries to provide endless entertainment to his fans across the globe.

Nominees for 2022 Streamer of the Year

The nominees for the 2022 Streamer of the Year included Sykunno (4 million followers), xQc (5.5 million followers), Mizkif (1.8 million followers) and Ludwig (3.1 million followers).

The Awards were declared yesterday after weeks of tedious voting by Twitch viewers. FYI, results were based on a 70-30% split between popular vote and judge vote. This helped the event to become a popularity contest. Well, Ludwig finally won the Streamer of the Year Award after a close battle with other nominees.

Who is Ludwig Ahgren?

Ludwig became the most subscribed streamer on Twitch last year for his “subathon” event. He reached 283,066 subscribers at its peak, beating the previous record of Youtube streamer Ninja.

Lud grew up in Hollis, New Hampshire and attended Arizona State University with a dual degree in English Literature and Journalism & Mass Communication. The Call of Duty commentary channels like Hutch, SeaNanners and WoodysGamerTag is his first inspiration for starting a YouTube channel “TheZanySidekick”.

Ludwig got into gaming after watching Smash Brothers and attending a tournament in New Hampshire. He became a regular competitor at esport events. Ludwig has his fair share of struggles before making a name for himself.

Stardom did not come easy. He worked at a Wine & Spirit Magazine and as a marketing lead at a cape company. Ludwig was fired from five jobs in Los Angeles. This was the time when he decided to dedicate his time and energy to streaming on Twitch. That’s it, his hobby turned into a profession.

Ludwig’s Streaming career

Ludwig is a serious streamer apart from being a fantastic gamer. Lud streamed “Super Smash Bros-based content to a relatively small audience between 2018-2019. He started getting increased viewership along with subscribers. He witnessed a tremendously growing viewership in 2019. Let’s have a look at his most recent achievements:

November 10, 2019:

  • World-record for the button-mashing minigame Domination from “Mario Party 4”. Interestingly, Lud’s expression was compared to Shaquille O’ Neal’s iconic alley-oop dunk expression. Well, a score of 201 against the higher limit of 160 is just crazy.
  • Launched Mogul Moves line of clothing which depicted the phrase Mogul Moves in varsity font. He also signed the future winner Melee player Zen for GENESIS 7 who wore a Mogul Move sweatshirt during the tournament.

January 2020-December 2020:

  • Competed in an invitation tournament for Pokemon Sword and Shield by 2016 Pokemon World Championship, Wolfe Glick. As usual, Lud finished first.
  • Won an invitational tournament ‘King of Twitch Poker’, defeating Mang0 and Destiny. This event was organized by Americas Cardroom.
  • Invited to compete against famous Twitch streamer in chess Tournament PogChamps, pacing second in the consolation bracket. FYI, Lud was featured on the August cover of Chess Life.
  • Released a Christmas-themed EP “A Very Mogul Christmas”. He had secured 1 million followers for his Youtube and Twitch channels. He was credited for trying new forms of content and became a popular streamer.

Jan 2021-June 2021:

  • Hosted “Hivemind”, a premier interactive game show on Twitch
  • Lud took a small break from streaming following his appendix surgery.
  • Appeared in the music video for Sub Urban and Bella Poarch’s song “inferno”.
  • A data leak revealed that Ahgren had earned $3.3 million through Twitch directly between August-October. He himself confirmed the earnings.
  • Ahgren began a “subathon” stream which earned him the maximum subscribers and he beat the previous record of Ninja
  • Expressed his intentions to leave Twitch and start a Youtube Channel
  • Lud launched a podcast The Yard with his three roommates in June 2021.
  • In November 2021, he signed an exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming.

Here is how fans reacted to the 2022 Streamer of the Year Awards.

Lud has recently released some new content on his Youtube channel including “Trying not to laugh at TikTok with Karl Jacobs” and Ranking the Weirdest Products on Shark Tank”. It’s hilarious, in a good way. Do check them out.

Lud’s fans Fans are more than elated to see him win this prestigious title. However, some streamers like Shroud are shocked. He believes that xQc deserved the title. Are you a Ludwig fan? What do you think about the big win?

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