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Steven Crowder Banned From YouTube, Know The “Kari Lake Interview” Controversy

Conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder’s show Louder with Crowder has been banned from YouTube. After waiting for a couple of hours, Steven finally broke his silence and revealed what exactly happened. Well, it has to do with the interview with Kari Lake and Steven has spilt out details. Read on to know all about it.

An Interview With Kari Lake…

Detailing what had happened in the interview, Steven revealed that in the video that had been uploaded, Kari Lake, who was a Trump-Endorsed Candidate for Arizona Governor, had discussed the election in which she was running.

It is unclear what part really got Steven banned from the platform but it was stated that his video had violated the misinformation policy. Crowder also claims he was suspended from YouTube, preventing him from streaming on the platform, for two weeks. Here is what happened during the interview:

“KARI LAKE (REPUBLICAN GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE IN ARIZONA): People want someone who’s going to push back against this, I believe, illegitimate federal government right now with Joe Biden in charge.

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): Now, can you clarify — just to make sure that our audience understands? What do you mean when you say illegitimate federal government by Joe Biden?

LAKE: Well, I don’t believe Joe Biden won the election. And we had problems with the 2020 election. I’ve talked about that. They’ve criticized me for that. But I’ve looked at the facts. I’ve looked over our forensic audit. I’ve looked over all kinds of evidence. We had a botched corrupt election in Arizona and in many other states. And this is why it is really important –


LAKE: – that we do look at our elections. It is why it is one of my top issues to reform our elections here in Arizona.”

Crowder also took to Instagram to share the news of this recent ban and wrote: Wow. Won’t be able to stream to @YouTube for two weeks because of comments from a CURRENT GUBERNATORIAL candidate, @karilake.

He continued, “On a show with all references provided publicly, by the way. If this isn’t suppression of political speech, then nothing is. See you tomorrow on Rumble and #MugClub with updates, and of course… doubling down. I apologize for nothing.

Steven Banned Last Year Too!

In 2021, after YouTube revealed its definition of hate speech was so narrow that it couldn’t remove a wildly racist tirade for being wildly racist, we wondered out loud what it would take for YouTube to stop promoting conservative commentator Steven Crowder as an official YouTube Partner and allowing him to profit from those tirades.

Well, within weeks, YouTube officially suspended his main channel from the YouTube Partner Program indefinitely, which includes removing his ability to run ads. Further, it also banned him from uploading videos for a full week after his latest infraction: a video that reportedly challenged the legitimacy of the vote in Nevada. YouTube has a policy against false claims that the election was stolen.

Crowder further announced his intent to upload videos to his other Crowder Bits channel. In October 2021, Crowder’s channel received a “hard strike” for a segment YouTube says targets the transgender community. Crowder was suspended from uploading new content or live streaming on YouTube for one week.

Steven Crowder has a huge social media following and often uses his platform to promote his content. At the moment, he has 1.1 million followers on Instagram, 5.7 million on YouTube, and 1.9 million on Twitter. What are your thoughts on this ban?

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