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Steinway Tower: World’s Skinniest Skyscraper Welcomes its First Residents

Well, we spoke enough about the world’s tallest building. It’s time now to unwrap the details of the world’s skinniest building.

It is a known fact to most of us that, the New York City skyline is home to some amazing skyscrapers. Here comes one more addition to the list.

Steinway Tower or 111 West 57th Street is the skinniest skyscraper in the world that has been completed and welcomed its first residents. Manhattan takes the pride in hosting this stunning 84-story-tall building.

Below is every bit that you need to know about this architectural masterpiece including its design, pricing, features, and more. Keep scrolling!

Everything about the Skinniest building in the World

The Steinway Tower boasts to have a height-to-width ratio of 24:1 which makes it the thinnest skyscraper in the world.

The building is 57.4-ft-wide standing at a height of 1,428 feet.

According to the developers, JDS Development, Property Markets Group, it is “a slender beacon clad in terracotta and bronze”.

The developers of the project shared that the skyscraper speaks of its commitment to the “quality of craft, history, and philosophy” that has been behind New York City’s stunning skyscrapers.

The Steinway Tower is now the third-largest building in the western hemisphere. Only two other towers in New York City – World Trade Center which is 1,776 feet tall and Central Park Tower which is 1,550 feet tall are ahead of the latest Manhattan skyscraper.

Design of the Tower

The skyscraper is located at Billionaires’ Row in Midtown Manhattan. The building which has been merged with New York’s historic Steinway Hall houses 84 floors having 60 apartments.

New York architecture firm SHoP Architects designed the tower whose construction began in 2013.

Chris Sharples from SHoP Architects said, “You’re going to sense the spirit of making and building. You’re going to sense that there are very much human hands involved in how this building begins to manifest itself.”

SHoP Architects shared that the skyscraper holds a special responsibility to contribute to the shared skyline.

They further said, “We achieved that goal by carefully shaping the tower’s profile, and by developing an innovative approach to using an authentic material from the golden age of the Manhattan skyscraper: terra-cotta”.

Gregg Pasquarelli, principal at SHoP Architects, speaking about the tower to CNN referred to the skyscraper as a project of “extraordinary proportions and epic grandeur”.


The price of a studio unit at the Steinway Tower starts from $7.75 million whereas a penthouse apartment is priced at $66 million.

Description & Features

This beautiful building took its inspiration from New York’s Art Deco era and it has terracotta tiles coupled with glass walls facing either Central Park or Lower Manhattan.

There are luxury amenities as well like a 25-meter swimming pool and a private dining room.

Studio Sofield has taken care of the skyscraper’s interior which tried to make the building even more attractive.

As revealed by Business Insider which has taken a tour of a 3-bedroom unit on the 43rd floor, there is a private elevator entrance for each unit which is spread across a huge area of 4,500 square feet of living space. According to their report, the unit followed an open-concept design.

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