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‘Stan’ Husband Of A Runner-Up Wife At “LGBTQIAP+ Beauty Pageant” Smashes Winner’s Crown

Things can go way too far when one’s husband is a “stan” for his wife. In a bizarre incident, an enraged husband of a runner-up at the “LGBTQIAP+ Beauty Pageant held in Brazil, smashed the winner’s crown after his wife was placed second in the competition. Netizens can forward to troll the whole incident, comparing the man with Will Smith and Ye.

The Enraged Husband Is His Wife’s Biggest Fan

Having rage in his eyes, an enraged husband of a runner-up contestant, Nathally Becker, stormed the stage and hijacked the winner, Emannuelly Belini’s crown, smashing it to the ground. The incident took place at Brazil, “LGBTQIAP+ beauty pageant” where the angry husband’s wife was placed the second-place honor, but her husband couldn’t take the loss.

The unknown husband is the partner of Nathally Becker, who represented the city of Cuiabá, and lost her title to the winner, Emannuelly Belini, who was representing the municipality of Várzea Grande.

The enraged husband committed this facade just when the tiara was going to be placed atop Belini’s head. He smashed the crown to the stage floor, declaring that if the place couldn’t be his wife’s, it couldn’t go to anyone.

Netizens Compare The Hot-Headed Husband With Ye & Will Smith

The publicly unidentified husband, who stormed the stage with destruction in his heart, didn’t stop at hurling the crown on the floor. He picked it up and heaved it to the ground again, breaking it into pieces.

Nathally’s biggest fan, however, is getting trolled on the internet for his unethical behavior as fans continue to mock the couple. One wrote, “Somebody’s got all their self-worth invested in this pageant lol.” Another joked, “That Kanye? One commented, “King. Wars have been fought over less.”


Another joked, “Was it, Will Smith?” One wrote, “Were you guys acquired by the Babylon Bee?” Another mocked, “It’s an “LGBTQIAP+ beauty pageant” in Brazil. Now watch the video and tell me what you think.” One wrote, “Another 1-6-21 Corrupt GOP Trump-Led cadet.”

After the incident, the man was pushed backstage by security. This chaos resembled the violence that took place after NYC’s first-ever Miss Sri Lanka pageant in 2022, wherein cynics claimed that the 2022 Miss USA pageant was wrongfully “rigged” in favor of Miss Texas.

As for this incident, Miss Gay Mato Grosso, released a statement about the fierce outburst, declaring that they were fair in declaring Belini as queen, shaming the violent behavior of Becker’s husband.

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