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Spotify Wrapped 2021: A “Magical” Personalized Experience for Listeners

Spotify and 2021 – Tell me a better combination and I will take your word for it!

Ever since the pandemic, we barely had reasons to define ”fun”. However, we always had constant support, didn’t we? Be it movies, music, Netflix, etc, the list could go on and on.

So, let me jump straight at it. How was 2021 for you? By that I mean, what and how did it make you feel? That’s not a question from me but from Spotify itself. 

Spotify Wrapped 2021

Anywho, if you have answers, that’s alright and if you don’t, that’s alright as well. 

If you somehow binged on ”crime” podcasts that were never your taste, we understand. If you are deeply in love with an ”artist”, we understand that as well. In any which way, it was YOU streaming it and it was only YOU that defined your streaming on Spotify.

Spotify has unveiled the curtains and disclosed the top music and podcasts for the year 2021.

In addition to the above pleasure, Spotify has also given the listeners a personalized Wrapped experience of 2021. The inspiration behind this personalization is You, again! The different, unique, and subjective ways you have used to listen to the songs this year

Spotify Wrapped 2021 – Your Music, Your ”Personalized” Way!

The world is hard, we get that. In a cruel world like this one, the Spotify Wrapped 2021 Experience will keep you alive.

With full of knowns and unknowns and experiences that surrounded you. Spotify always makes things better, doesn’t it? While you go through the whole Spotify Wrapped 2021 experience, you will know what I mean.

It’s divine.

Coming right up.

All ”New” Features!

Pardon me for not mentioning, the all-new features include Wrapped experiences with brand-new features apart from the primary ones. By primary I mean, your top-favorite artists, podcasts, songs, and genres.

  • Playing Cards – An interactive game revolving around data. You can play alone or with your friends. The game will display statements from songs that you have been hearing the whole year and you will need to figure out which one’s true. Cool, right?
  • 2021: The Movie – This feature allows you to place classic scenes and your top songs together from any movie that defines ”You”
  • 2021 Wrapped Blend – The blend feature came out only this year. Listeners can figure out the taste of 2021’s music and how compatible it is with your friends. Blend playlists and share on social media.
  • Your Audio Aura – An ”aura expert” visualized your “audio aura” solely based on your two favorite music moods. Read more.

Sharing is Caring

The flexibility to share Wrapped Cards on Social Media is a WANT. Spotify will let you do that. You can share your cards on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

The ”Wrapped” Hub

The 2021 Wrapped Hub is at your service. Here you can see.

  • Your Top Songs of 2021 – This playlist will certainly throw you down the memory line. You can rediscover all the songs that were with you for the whole year. In general, your most listened to songs.
  • Best New Podcasts of 2021 – Brings the best and the finest new podcasts from the creators that you love.
  • 2021 Wrapped: Blend – Blend your music with 2021 with a friend and you will get yourself a blended playlist. You can compare your taste in music with your friends and help them figure out how equally your choices match.
  • Top Tracks & Artists of 2021 – Data-driven playlists that will show off the most featured music from the artists that you have been listening to.
  • Best Episodes of 2021 – Throughout the year, this list will curate the best podcast episodes for you.
  • A Look Back at 2021 – 2021 was an irregular year. A look back at 2021 will showcase the music and podcasts that sum up 2021 for you. ‘
  • Your Artists Revealed – Strengthen your connection with creators. You get your personalized podcast episodes and songs that will show off the top artists of the year.
  • The Best of 2021 – The curated music playlists, also data-driven, will push you back to 2021. Get your best songs from every genre that you have heard throughout 2021.

And a ”Surprise” from Spotify Wrapped 2021

There is a surprise too.

170 creators or more will prepare a video to thank fans for making a part of their ”Wrapped’.

The videos will arrive only if fans have a song in ”Your Top Songs 2021” or ”Your Artists Revealed” from the participating artists.

Also, for the first time ever, Spotify will release Spotify Clips for podcasts. This will be a ”thank you” message from the podcast’s creator.

If you are an eligible listener, you can enjoy your “Wrapped” experience right away on your mobile app.

What’s More?

The Wrapped creator experience will roll out for podcasters and artists.

Creators will get a chance to figure out all the ways fans spent listening to their songs. In addition to that, they will also have an ”individualized Wrapped microsite experience.”

To know more, go to Spotify for Artists and Spotify for Podcasters.

Spotify Wrapped 2021 will also be out on Spotify Greenroom. The place will be locked and strictly password-protected. Top fans can reach out to the room and their Wrapped results of 2021 will be read out by their favorite creators. Crazy, right? Definitely, an experience one wouldn’t want to miss.

And on that note, I just had my experience with Spotify Wrapped 2021 and the feeling is inexplicable. Catch yours, I insist and you will thank me forever!

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