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Someone wants Drake Dead: Singer Seeks Protection and Legal Action Against Alleged Stalker

It’s true, someone wants Drake dead! The four-time Grammy Award winner seeks protection against an alleged stalker who has crossed all limits of obsession. Drake reveals that the alleged woman is a threat to him and his family.

The Incident

Celebrities come across a plethora of fans, but sometimes things take a bitter twist when fans turn into obsessors. Yes, Drake became a victim of harassment by an alleged woman identified as “Mesha Collins” in several publications.

It turns out that the South Carolina woman has been stalking Drake since 2017. She even trespassed their property in Hidden Hills. She was previously arrested for the said incident. Drake wasn’t present at the time when she invaded his Yolo estate but was found by the Police with beverages that she allegedly took from his home.

(This is a possible picture of Mesha as per several articles)

This woman didn’t stop! Mesha has been sending emails to Drake that said, “put a bullet through your head now b**ch.” She has been threatening to kill Drake and his family ever since.

Drake revealed that she wants him dead and is also a threat to his family. Drizzy claims that he is suffering emotional distress fearing for his and his family’s safety. He says, “This woman has got some obsession with me.”

However, he did not press charges but the alleged woman a questionable defamation lawsuit against the ‘Hotline Bling’ star, claiming $ 4 billion in damages to harass him. however, the court dismissed this suit. Since then she has continued to threaten his life.

Drake takes legal action

Drake’s legal team has filed a temporary restraining order against the alleged woman. He wants the judge to sign an order restraining this woman to stay at least 100 yards away from him. FYI, the alleged woman also filed a restraining order against Drake.

Drake had previously stated her legal actions as “frivolous”, adding “her baseless attempt to seek a restraining order against me, and emails to my counsel where she expresses that she wishes me dead and that my counsel get what he ‘deserve[s].’ 

Drake has filed a declaration alongside the restraining order that he never knew this woman, Collins, even before she filed a suit against him. However, she has been a threat to his family for 5 years.

Drake is not married and is co-parenting his son with his ex Sophie Brussaux. Drakes’s family includes his four-year-old son, Adonis Graham, his parents Sandra Graham (74) and Dennis Graham (69). The Views star also sought protection for his lawyer, Stanton Larry Stein (77).

A possible reason

There is no connection between this woman with Drake. Well, that’s what the star says. With over 170 million records sold, Drake is one of the best-selling musical artists of his time. I think he has his lists of enemies too.

Well, if we go by criminology, this could also be some psychopath fan who has crossed all her limits to obsess with the artist. I am sure Drake thinks the same. We don’t know yet but let’s hope Drake gets his restraining order to keep his family safe.

What do you think about this incident? Please share your thoughts with me.

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