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Sleepy Chicken Trend on TikTok and How Its an Epic Fail; Doctor Call it Dangerous

One trend after the other and it just keeps getting better, isn’t it?

TikTok and its trends are just unstoppable. One trend comes and the other immediately follows.

However, sometimes these trends could turn out to be bizarre but who cares right? TikTok eventually is the new subject that everyone wishes to hop on.

This time, things got pretty serious with “Sleepy Chicken” and wait, you won’t believe how dangerous it is until I explain it.

Social media indeed is a place where you get the absolute best and the absolute worst. Obviously, a great way to interact with your friends and fam; make new friends; there’s a lot!

Also, there is learning, creating, developing, and so much more.

With the ”sleepy chicken” trend, things got pretty tight as it pulled the attention of the doctors as well. Also, people have been sent serious warnings against this trend.

What is the whole fuss all about? Let’s find out.

Sleepy Chicken Trend – What Is It?

TikTok’s bizarre “Sleepy Chicken” also being referred to as ”NyQuil chicken” involves a person creating their own recipe.

Per the ones creating these recipes, they think it is a remedy for the cold and flu that’s going on.

But well, as recommended by doctors, this is something that you shouldn’t be at all trying.

TikTok folks are immersing their chicken in the “Nyquil” solution; a medicine that is supposedly useful helpful if one has a cold and flu.

In addition to cold and flu, it will also help in sorting other problems. The chicken is completely in the solution while it continues to simmer.

Many videos are circulating on the internet where people are literally doing this trend.

Honestly, if you pose a look at the chicken, you could call it “disgusting”.

Doctors have strictly asked folks to be rigid and not braise their chicken.

Why is it Dangerous?

Dr. Jeff Foster during an interview said, “The idea that by saturating any food product in a medicine believing that it will provide some novel health benefit or cure is not just stupid, but incredibly dangerous.”

He further adds, “We have doses on medicines for a reason. If you soak food in it, and then cook it, you are very likely to overdose or at least have no idea what dose you are getting.”

Another doctor also confirmed his thoughts during an interview, “When you cook cough medicine like NyQuil, you boil off the water and alcohol in it, leaving the chicken saturated with a super concentrated amount of drugs in the meat.”

“If you ate one of those cutlets completely cooked, it’d be as if you’re actually consuming a quarter to half a bottle of NyQuil.”

Moreover, there are high-risk factors involved. This could lead to food poisoning followed by diarrhea.

TikTok is currently doing the best it can to take away the clips from the platform. Considering it is a hard challenge to follow, TikTok is ready to make the move of wiping all the videos related to the video off from the platform.

Now you understand all the warnings, don’t you?

So, stay from this trend, my friend! You don’t know what you will land yourself into.

Share your opinion about this Sleepy Chicken trend.

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