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Shannon Sisters Reveal the Dark Secrets of Hugh Hefner on “Secrets of Playboy”

Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner was a playboy in real life. Well, that’s what the twin Shannon sisters claim. The Girls Next door stars alleged Hugh Hefner of repeated forceful sex.

The twins were just eighteen years old when they arrived at Hugh’s lavish mansion as playboy bunnies. They thought the show was fake and that they were only playing Hefner’s girlfriends. Moreover, Hugh impregnated Karissa Shannon who has now aborted her baby.

About the incident

Hef’s grave must be shaking. On today’s Secrets of Playboy show, the identical twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon revealed their emotional stories about their 18-moth relationship with Hugh Hefner. The stark reality suggests the darker world led by Hefner beneath the sugar-coated exterior.

The sisters alleged Hugh of imposing stricter rules designed to control the women to maintain the Playboy image. Karissa Shanon said, “You don’t think an 80-year-old man is sleeping with three of these women. We were manipulated into sleeping with Hefner on our 19th birthday.” The Girls Next Door star further stated:

“He locked us in our bedroom,” Shannon said. “There would be a security guard sitting outside of our door… they would always, in the morning, come up with their report of every single thing we did that night the next morning for him… who we would hang out with… what we were drinking, what we ate. Everything.”

They claimed that Hugh Hefner continuously raped them and monitored them so they could not leave the mansion. Karissa revealed how she and her sister were forced to sleep with Hefner after months of agitation.

The two sisters were shunned and their privileges were taken away as a consequence. They were left with no choice but to sleep with the Playboy owner. During a series of intercourse, Karrisa found out that she was pregnant.

Yes, it was none other than Hefner who forcefully impregnated her. Karissa revealed that they refused to sleep with Hefner. However, they were left with no choice. In an emotional tone, she said:

“I think it’s a way for him to control me even more. Having me on a leash. I felt disgusted with my body. I didn’t— I felt like there was something, like, like, an alien inside me. I was just grossed out.”

Karissa Shannon realized later that she was pregnant with Hefner’s child. She decided to abort the child as for her it was like rape. She revealed how Hefner used control mechanisms throughout her stay in the mansion. She feels no regret in aborting the child.

Hefner never had a stable relationship. He married his university sweetheart Mildred who allowed him to have sex with several women due to her infidelity. She even cheated on Hef with an army boy.

The Playboy life

Hefner was another name for an extravagant lifestyle. He lived in the Playboy mansion until he died in 2017. He became known for moving an ever-changing coterie of young women into his mansion.

Celebrities lured by Hef’s rich lifestyle include twins Mandy and Sandy Bentley, Brande Roderick, Tina Marie Jordan, Kendra Wilkinson, Crytal Harris, Shannon sisters and Holly Madison.

Now that Hefner is dead, it is not possible to punish him for what he did. We don’t know why the Shannon sisters never spoke about this before. One thing is clear. The two were Hefner’s girlfriends.

Were the Shannon sisters addicted to the luxuries of the Playboy Mansion? Were they trapped? We don’t know. What do you think about this revelation? Was Hefner guilty? Check out their interview here.

I am Mallika Singh, a lawyer and writer by profession. Writing gives me a sense of freedom and independence. I am a keen observer and an ardent reader. When not at work, you can find me at the stable. Horse riding is another passion that keeps me going.


  1. The Shannon sisters are a couple of opportunistic brats who want to blame Hefner for their stupidity. THEY signed the contract without reading it, THEY got drunk and drugged-up, THEY stuck around, THEY accompanied Hef to his bedroom…and they claim HE coerced them!!??! They couldn’t possibly have been that naive, and if they were, why blame anyone but themselves!! They, as with so many before and after, latched on to what they thought was their ticket to fame and money, then didn’t like what they had to do to get it…what a couple of morons!! I have no respect for women who use the system, them piss and moan and point fingers when things don’t go their way. Disgusting and disappointing! Read a book, acquire a skill, get a brain.

    • It is one sad truth how women play the victim card. They definitely had a lot of chances to move out. That is why I wrote, they were lured by an extravagant lifestyle.


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