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Shakira to go to Trial in €14.75M Spanish Tax Fraud, Rejects Plea Offer by Prosecutors

Shakira has remained in hot waters for tax evasion as SHE opted to go to trial on a €14.75 million tax fraud case while rejecting a plea deal by prosecutors. In May, a Spanish court denied the Columbian singer’s appeal in a Tax Fraud case, paving way for a trial after a judge previously concluded that there is enough evidence that she avoided her fiscal obligations.

Shakira Chose To Prove Innocence…

Columbian singer Shakira has opted to be tried by Spanish prosecutors over allegations she defrauded Spain’s government of nearly €15 million in taxes, her public relations team said Wednesday (July 27).  According to her lawyers, the 45-year-old Colombian rejected a plea deal offered by the Spanish authorities and wants to prove her innocence in court.

Shakira “trusts her innocence and chooses to leave the issue in the hands of the law,” the PR firm Llorente y Cuenca said in a statement. In May, the court in Spain dismissed Colombian singer Shakira’s appeal in a tax fraud case, paving the way for a trial after a judge previously concluded there was enough evidence to suggest the pop star may have avoided her fiscal obligations to the state.

The court upheld a July ruling wherein Spanish Judge Marco Juberías wrote that his three-year probe ruled that there existed “sufficient evidence of criminality” for the case to go to trial.

The case dates back to 2018 when Spanish prosecutors charged the pop sensation with failing to pay €14.5 million in taxes on income she earned between 2012 and 2014. If found guilty, Shakira could be fined or sent to prison if found guilty of tax evasion.

What’s The Controversy?

The legal case revolves around the pop star’s residence as prosecutors alleged that she lived mostly in Spain despite having an official residence in the Bahamas. The court ruled previously that “she is a habitual resident” in Spain.

In 2017, Shakira was named in the Paradise Papers wherein it was revealed that she was the sole shareholder of a Malta-based company which was being used to transfer $30 million in music rights. Her attorneys insisted that her use of the company was entirely legal.

In 2018, Spanish authorities began an investigation into her finances. Prosecutors revealed that she did not pay taxes in Spain between 2012 and 2014 while she was living there with Piqué and their family.

However, in her defence, Shakira pointed out that her primary residence was in the Bahamas, and otherwise she was touring internationally. In July 2021, a Spanish judge ruled that there was “evidence of criminality” sufficient for Shakira to be brought to trial on charges of tax fraud.

As for the plea offer, prosecutors offered no further details about the deal, which remains on the table until the trial opens in Barcelona. However, Shakira has decided to opt for trial and prove her innocence.

The “Hips Don’t Lie” faces a possible fine and a prison sentence if found guilty of tax evasion. However, a judge can waive prison time for first-time offenders if they are sentenced to less than two years behind bars. Well, it will depend upon various factors once the trial starts. Keep reading to know all about Shakira’s upcoming trial.

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