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Russian Tank Runs Out of Fuel; Ukrainian Driver Mocks Russian Soldiers

Russia might’ve started all big and strong at the time of launching its attack, but it looks like the soldiers have started to run out of energy. Both metaphorically and literally. Especially considering how one of their tanks ended up running out of fuel.

Brave Ukrainian Driver Jokes with Russian soldiers 

Although Russia has been charging towards Kyiv with full force, there are reports of a few of the country’s military tanks going out of gas. As a result of which, the Russian soldiers in those tanks are now stuck on the highways of Ukraine.

One such military tank was spotted by a Ukrainian driver who had been passing by through the same route that the Russian soldiers were stranded on. The man is seen initiating a conversation with one of the soldiers and even goes out on a limb to make a joke, earning a bubble of laughter from the Russian men.

A short video of the same has been going viral all over the internet and on social media platforms.

In the clip, the Ukrainian driver who seems to be driving from the highway brings his car to a halt as he sees a Russian military tank on the side of the road.

Upon asking what the matter was, one of the soldiers informed the driver about their situation, saying they’ve run out of fuel. And to that, the driver responds by roasting him and saying that he could “tow them back to Russia.” He even got some of the soldiers to laugh at the hilarious retort.

He continued the conversation by asking them if they knew where they were headed but the Russian soldiers had no clue. And when a soldier asked him about the news, the driver readily replied by telling them how Ukraine is winning while their country is surrendering.

And as he drives away, yet another military tank is seen stranded on the side of the highway before the video comes to an end.

The Ukrainian driver is going viral on Twitter

It is not only astonishing that someone from Ukraine’s side engaged in a light and humorous conversation with Russian soldiers, but it is also fairly surprising to see that the latter reverted with the same energy.

With everything that has been going on between Ukraine and Russia, one would certainly not expect people from either side to pass jokes and roast the other one. At least not anytime soon.

But as a Ukrainian driver did exactly that, it created a lighter and a somewhat wholesome feeling for a moment or two. And he is currently trending on Twitter for the same.

As some laughed along and appreciated the driver for his bravery, others made remarks about how they overestimated the Russian military considering how their tanks are running out of fuel so quickly.

Some people are even bashing Russia for being “overconfident” and not keeping logistics in mind.

What is the current scenario of the Ukraine-Russia crisis? 

Currently, Ukraine is still at it with trying to protect its citizens from all the carnage as two massive explosions were seen hitting Kyiv from the side of Vasylkiv.

On the other hand, there are people like the Ukrainian driver, who even though, is suffering along with his country, is still trying their best to be kind and funny. And that too, to the soldiers of the country that is so hell-bent on destroying his.

This just shows how peace is always an option, and even during incredibly tough times like these, at the end of the day, we’re all just simple humans; kindness indeed goes a long way.

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