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Revisit Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates Relationship Timeline as She Opens Up About Their Divorce

Melinda French Gates has finally opened up about her relationship with Bill Gates. Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates’ ex-wife says, “I couldn’t trust what we had”.

The billionaire philanthropist and woman’s advocate sat exclusively with “CBS Mornings” co-host Gayle King and opened up about her feelings.

About the Thursday Interview with Melinda

In the interview with CBS Mornings, Melinda talked in detail about her high-profile divorce with Bill Gates. The duo was married for 27 years before they finally split in May 2021. When asked about Bill Gate’s affair with a staffer during their marriage, the 57-year old billionaire said, “I certainly believe in forgiveness, so I thought we had worked through some of that.”

Melinda also revealed how she laid on the floor for days and cried. Well, divorce can be a really painful process, especially, when you have been loyal to one person for 27 years. However, she also said that she is looking forward to new beginnings in 2022.

CBS Mornings referred to her as a strong woman. Gayle King also added that “she is moving on and doing, doing is the word.” 

Melinda-Bill Gates Relationship Timeline


The high-profile divorce of Melinda French Gates and Bill Gates poured in a lot of attention from international media across the world. The relationship looked perfect from the outside. However, nobody knows what exactly was happened behind closed doors.

Let’s have a look at their relationship timeline:

Year Event  What happened?
1987 Meeting at Microsoft Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft (MSFT), which launched in 1975, and he met Melinda French through the company in 1987. At the time, Bill was the CEO of Microsoft and Melinda worked in product development.

However, Bill Gates said, It was hardly loved at first sight as she had other boyfriends.Melinda replied to this, “I was new at Microsoft, there were a lot of men there.”

1993 Makes it official In 1993, Bill proposed to Melinda. Shortly after getting engaged, the pair were spotted sharing a Coca-Cola at a Seattle Sonics basketball game, a moment that was captured by news stations at the time.
1994 The day of their Marriage Bill and Melinda Gates tied the knot on New Year’s Day in 1994 at the island of Lanai in Hawaii. Warren Buffett was among the guests. They tried to keep it as private as possible, booking all the empty rooms at the hotel where their guests were and hiring all the island’s helicopters to keep paparazzi at bay
1995 FYI, Microsoft Launches Windows 95 On August 24, 1995, Microsoft released Windows 95, an operating system that revolutionized technology.

Melinda said, “We knew we were changing the world,” Melinda said in “Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates,” recalling her experience at Microsoft. “Every time we put out a product, it changed things for people.”

In 1995, Melinda gave a demo from a project she led called ‘Microsoft Bob’, a software product with virtual rooms and characters for a more user-friendly interface. She called it a failure in her LinkedIn post.

1997 Welcoming the first kid Bill and Melinda welcomed their first daughter, Jennifer, in 1996. Now 25, Jennifer attends the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. She revealed in 2021 that she was extremely broken by her parent’s split 
1999 A second child comes home Bill Gates and Melinda gave birth to Rory. Today, he is 21 and Melinda proudly says that he is a Feminist.
2022 A third child is born  They had their second daughter, “Phoebe”
2005 Persons of the Year Time Magazine named the couple Persons fo the Year, considering their efforts with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, also called them “The Good Samaritans”
2019 Melinda’s book release Melissa releases her book, and does several interviews will Bill Gates stating the strength of their marriage. She also said that she is always interested in his point of view and so is he. 
2021 The couple announces divorce Melinda and Bill Gates announced their divorce with separation documents. The document cited the marriage as “marriage is irretrievably broken”. However, they did not reveal the true reasons behind the divorce
2022 Melinda speaks up Melinda finally spoke up today in a CNN Morning show and revealed how she was cheated in the marriage. Bill Gates had an affair with a staffer and that broke her. The co-founder also confessed the same to her. 

About Bill Gate’s affairs

The high-profile divorce of Melinda and Bill Gates was based on the strong premise of “extra-marital affairs”. Several reports were published stating that Bill Gate’s extramarital affairs were an open secret. He also sent flirty emails to the staffer that worked at the Microsoft office.

These reports called into question the billionaire Microsoft founder’s reputation as “a nerdy do-gooder and detailed allegation that he engaged in inappropriate workplace relationships.”

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Microsoft Board had opened an investigation after a staffer’s claim that she had an affair with Bill Gates. However, these allegations were denied as “baseless and untrue” by Gates’s spokesperson.

Bill Gates finally stepped down from the board in 2020. In May 2021, Bill Gates admitted to his extramarital affairs and it was reported that “he sought to initiate an intimate relationship with the staffer.”

Well, I think it was best for the couple to call it off. Melinda is independent and strong. She deserves much better in life. What do you think?

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