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Reddit Story ‘AITA for Adopting Another Baby’ Explained as it Gets Deleted

Reddit’s viral post ‘AITA for adopting another baby and telling my daughter to move out’ has been taken down from the platform. The story about a mother and her baby fever that led to a rift in her relationship with her biological kids has left social media users divided.

For the unversed, let us tell you, that this story revolves around a female user, whose mom and dad were not happy with her due to her relationship with her maternal family. Now, the netizens are divided about the mother-daughter relationship, as they talk about adding another member to the clan.

The Reddit user talks about ‘AITA for adopting another baby’

This particular Reddit post narrates the tale of a woman who is in her 40s and has a desire to adopt a baby. The lady and her husband are already doting parents to their two biological kids.

A few years ago, the Reddit user’s friend had a miracle baby and the baby was the youngest in the kids’ group. It was easy to take care of the child in comparison to the grown-up kids in the family. The woman had an urge to have another baby after seeing her friend have another baby.


The Reddit user had a baby fever. On the other hand, her biological children weren’t too happy with the idea of having another sibling. As the woman is 40 years old, the best option for her and her husband to have a child was through adoption. In the end, the pair brought a 2-year-old home.

Since then, the user has taken good care of the baby and she has stated that she hasn’t been partial towards the child. However, her biological kids didn’t make any effort to get along with their sibling. They would rather spend some time with their cousins in their room than spend time with the new member of the family.

The two children of the woman tend to avoid the new baby. Apart from this, her teen daughter even threatened to move in with her uncle. Her mom told her to do that, but then her daughter stopped talking to her.

How did the netizens react to the mother’s decision?

A couple of users thought that the mother made the right decision by adopting another baby with her husband, meanwhile, some users stated that all family members should have been convinced before they went ahead with the adoption.

One social media user wrote, “‘Trust me, when a kid threatens to move out and the parent acts like they don’t care, that really really hurts the kid! YTA!” Another user added, “YTA. It should be a FAMILY decision to bring in another member.”

Followed by a third user who penned, “You all are so negative, she’s in the right age and financial situation to have a baby. baby fever may have been a motivation, but she did nothing wrong.” A user went on to ask, “Both parents wanted a baby and they are willing to raise it. What’s the issue here?”

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