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Ready to Mingle: Full List of Contestants with Pictures

Another Dating Show and another take on your so-called ”Little Hearts”, Ready To Mingle is another brand new show coming from ITV2. 

ITV2 is all up to launch its brand new dating show. Coming this autumn, Ready to Mingle might just be the show we have all been waiting for. At least, it will take care of our hearts for some time if not longer.

The show will have Katherine Ryan as host. The show does justice to the title and it follows the story of a single girl who is on her way to find her “perfect boyfriend“. Well, that’s a dream for all those single ladies!

12 Perfect male suitors as competitors compete against each other and the price you ask? £50,000.

Ready to Mingle

Well, there are twists that follow!! Some of the guys out of these 12 are already in a relationship. This isn’t the best part!

The catch is, the guys who are in a relationship will have their partners peeking over them to see what they are up to and the extent they can go to in order to get the money. Ooh. Interesting spin!

Therefore, in the end, what matters is how well you play the game of love. Along with being extremely convincing to prove how single you arethere are more layers to it. After all, you never know who takes that price home!

Time for a treat, boys and girls.

Contestants Lineup for Ready To Mingle

The boys and girls will be stashed together for three weeks. A stunning house in the Devon offering them a cozy stay. The girl continues to ditch one guy after another unless she is absolutely sure that she is keeping the one who is SINGLE.

That’s the whole catch!

Different fun activities, games, and competitions will be held to inquire more and to get straight to the guy who deserves it.

Here comes the list.

1. Sophia Dusauzay, 24

The lady who is going to run the fingers for the next three weeks. Sophia is going to rule over all the choices she has.

Sophia Dusauzay, 24

2. Drew Wedlake, 26

Drew Wedlake, 26

3. Hakeem Amao, 32

Hakeem Amao, 32

4. Lewis Croker, 24

Lewis Croker, 24

5. Chris Baber, 27

Chris Baber, 27

6. Elliott Miles, 28

Elliott Miles, 28

7. Louie Akinwale, 27

Louie Akinwale, 27

8. Malcolm Modele, 33

Malcolm Modele, 33

9. Casey Sonnekus, 22

Casey Sonnekus, 22

10. Rudi Senghore, 27

11. Louis Hart, 24

Louis Hart, 24

12. John Okafor, 22

John Okafor, 22

13. Toby Bougouneau, 24

Toby Bougouneau, 24

Ready to Mingle is streaming since yesterday on ITV Hub and ITV2.

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