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Ray Buffer Caught On Camera Stealing Comics From The Store

During the latter half of 2004, Ray Buffer made a substantial impression on the television and film industry as he appeared in guest roles on television and movies, including the role of Stage Manager on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

There seems to have been a recent incident where he was caught stealing comic books, which is certainly not good.

Comic Book Store In San Diego Accuses Him Of Stealing

A comic book store in San Diego has accused actor Ray Buffer of stealing several expensive comic books from their shelves. According to the store’s security footage, Buffer appears to have hidden them in his shirt by stuffing them up.

In a police report filed with the San Diego Police Department and by their policy, Southern California Comics claims it has a video of Ray attempting to steal comic books valued at $600 from the store. The store has also handed over to police its security footage and evidence, including the video Ray, allegedly stole.

An Investigation Is Underway For The Theft

As a result of the incident, the police have taken the necessary steps to file a report for minor theft and are looking into it further. According to the comic book store, it had gathered an additional volume of evidence that will be handed to the police in the coming days after notifying other comic book stores of Ray’s existence in an earlier post on Facebook before he was formally identified as a suspect in the case.

According to the owners, security footage looked suspiciously similar to that sent to Metropolis Comics in Los Angeles when Ray used to work there. As you can see from the recorded video, the owner confronted the man after noticing that he had pulled the same stunt again, and this time he returned the comics to the store and left as he threatened to call the police. In response to the comic book store posting the video on its website, Ray deleted all his accounts on social media.

All About Ray Buffer

Ray was born and raised in South Florida, where he studied musical theater at university. The Great Arts were his first professional career when he was 13. As a professional vocalist, he worked with opera companies, regional theaters, and orchestras.

Following university, he moved to Central Florida and worked as a professional singer for several theaters, theme parks, and destinations. Additionally, Ray has served as a stage director, movie director, and musical director for several stage plays and musicals.

A resident of Southern California, Ray has appeared in movies, television shows, advertisements, music videos, and voice-overs. He recently played “Darrell” in the HBO series “LIMIT YOUR Enthusiasm” and performed with the Mantovani Orchestra throughout the United States.

Ray is not only an accomplished vocalist and professional, but he also composes music for movies, theaters, and media. “Rats & Bullies” may be Ray’s first feature-length documentary film, for which he is the movie director and executive producer.

There is always a high level of concern from bookstores about this kind of theft because some comic books are precious, but such an act by him is undoubtedly not a good thing. What do you think about this incident? Let us know in the comments.


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