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Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: Date, Celebration Plans and More

Queen Elizabeth II, Her Majesty will become the first-ever British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee this year in the month of June. This will mark her 70 years of celebrations on the throne and service to the citizens of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

On 10th January, Buckingham Palace has formally unveiled the full line-up of celebrations to make it a grand success.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations in the UK and the lineup of events planned to celebrate the occasion. Keep scrolling!

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Royal Celebration Plans

When is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee?

6th February is technically the date when the Queen ascended to the throne in the year 1952. However, this date happens to be the death anniversary of her father, King George VI, so the Queen does not desire to celebrate on this day.

Therefore, the Platinum Jubilee celebrations will be held on 3rd June 2022 (Friday) akin to her earlier Golden and Diamond Jubilees in the summer season that will offer good weather as well.

According to the details available on the Royal website, the anniversary will be celebrated with events lined up for the entire year of 2022. However, the celebrations for the historic event will conclude in a four-day UK bank holiday weekend starting 2nd June.

Queen Elizabeth II broke the earlier record of her predecessor great-great-grandmother Victoria to become the longest-reigning British monarch in the year 2015 when she completed 63 years as Queen.

Will there be an extra bank holiday?

Yes, indeed. British citizens will enjoy an extra holiday in 2022.

The government has already made the announcement last year that there will be an extra bank holiday from 2nd June to 5th June.

The Royal Family announced on social media platform Twitter saying, “The extended bank holiday weekend will see public events and community activities, as well as national moments of reflection on the Queen’s 70 years of service.”

Here is the complete lineup of events day-wise that will take place over the course of the four-day bank holiday and the rest of the year to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Day 1: Thursday, 2 June

The first day will begin with The Queen’s birthday parade also popularly known as Trooping the Colour that will feature more than 1,400 parading soldiers, 200 horses, and 400 musicians who will come together in the traditional parade.

The parade will begin at Buckingham Palace and move down The Mall to Horse Guards Palace where Royal family members will join on horseback and in carriages. The parade will finish with the traditional Royal Air Force fly-past that will be viewed from the balcony of the palace by the Queen as well as the royal family members.

The entire event will be aired live however if you want to watch the event in person then tickets will be available from 17th January on the Army website.

Also, the lighting of beacons will take place to mark the Platinum Jubilee. More than 1,500 beacons will be lit all across the country (UK), Channel Islands, Isle of Man, and UK Overseas Territories.

This year will be unique as the beacons will be lit in capital cities of the Commonwealth countries for the first time.

Day 2: Friday, 3 June

Thanksgiving for the Queen’s reign will take place at St Paul’s Cathedral. The entire details and other events for the day are yet to be finalized.

Day 3: Saturday, 4 June

The Queen along with royal family members will attend the Derby at Epsom Downs. There will be Platinum Party at the Palace on this day.

The British Broadcast Corporation will air a special live concert from the Royal Palace where the world’s biggest names in the field of entertainment will perform to celebrate the special occasion.

The application to participate in the special event will be available to the public from February onwards. The exact dates are yet to be announced.

Day 4: Sunday, 5 June

Keeping the tradition intact there will be Big Jubilee Lunch in 2022 as well to encourage communities to celebrate and get to know each other.

This idea was launched 13 years ago in 2009. The royal family said, “a Big Jubilee Lunch can be big or small – street party or picnic, tea, and cake or a garden barbeque”.

There will be Platinum Jubilee Pageant to wrap up the Platinum Jubilee celebrations on 5th June wherein more than 5,000 people from the UK and the Commonwealth are expected to participate. The event will feature street arts, music, circus, theatre, carnival, and costume.

There will be the “River of Hope” section which will be the center of attraction which will see two hundred silk flags move down The Mall resembling a moving river. School kids from the primary and secondary categories will be invited to create art or pic of their ambitions and aspirations for planet earth in the coming 70 years. The best of these pics will be transferred onto the flags.

Wondering if there will be a Platinum Jubilee commemorative medal this year?

Yes, keeping the tradition intact the Platinum Jubilee medal will be awarded to people who are in the public services, including representatives of the Armed Forces, the emergency services, and the prison services.

Timothy Noad has designed the Platinum Jubilee medal that features an image of the Queen with an inscription in Latin that reads, “Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina Fed Def”, which implies “Elizabeth II, By the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith”.

Celebrations at the Queen’s private estates

There will be celebrations at the Queen’s private estates, Sandringham and Balmoral. Foreign visitors and local citizens can participate in this event.

The lighting of the Sandringham beacon will be held in the Royal Parkland along with the live performance by the Norwich Pipe Band and the Hunstanton Band.

Many more details are yet to be revealed ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Stay tuned to know more updates about this much-awaited event!

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