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“Pushing P” on TikTok is the New Trend, Here’s Why

Here we go! With another trend that is ready to take over!

This one is called Pushin P and is currently trending on Tiktok for all reasons; good or bad. But should we at least get to the bottom of it?

We are in 2022 and honestly, if you look at it, there are issues with almost everything. Whether it is new music that needs attention or a celeb that needs to be in the limelight.

Thankfuly, we have sufficient platforms to take things forward.

After all, TikTok is the go-to place and also, the number one social media platform that gives a chance to everyone. Not only do we learn about new trends but also, there is a lot of innovation happening there.

This time, it is  “Pushing P” and we don’t exactly know what that means. Let’s figure it out then.

“Pushing P” Meaning – What Do We Mean?

Let’s begin with Gunna, the rapper. If you know him, good, and if you don’t, allow me to explain.

The rapper recently dropped his latest album Drip Season4Ever and that is where the term “Pushing P” comes from.

The word puts the attention on the likes of Future and Young Thug.

We all know how viral the song was. The song featured everywhere including Twitter and Instagram along with TikTok, of course.

The Question that comes through is, what does the word ”P” mean in the word ”Pushing P”

stands for “Player”; as suggested by the rapper.

The Atlanta rapper was spotted in The Breakfast Club recently. Therein he was clear about what the word meant,

“It’s simply ‘player’ but you also could just like use it in other ways like, ‘I don’t like what he did, that weren’t P’”.

“It starts with ‘Player’ but then you start ‘Pushing P’, it’s like everything I’m doing is really just P,” he adds.

Don’t be confused just yet. The rapper has more to say.

“Being Loyal Is definitely P,” he wrote.

“Jumping in a person beef or situation when you don’t know what’s going on, Not 🅿️,” Gunna further added.

Explaining it more accurately, he said.
“F–king your partner’s main b—h, that ain’t P,” he added.
“You see a lady at the door, you hold the door for the lady bro, that’s P. We pushing P, you feel me? I ain’t too tough, arguing with my partner about no money like, we ain’t going back and forth. That ain’t P.”

Listen to the track yourself.


‘Pushing P’ is Viral on TikTok

“Pushing P” is going extremely viral on TikTok. Everyone is sharing their TikTok’s and no wonder they are going viral.

People are asking Gunna questions about the reference of “P”

The rapper is himself taking it to Twitter to speak about the trending slang/phrase.

TikTok is on fire right now especially with every other user making the trend super popular. So, don’t be shocked if you hear people around you screaming that term.

Did you create your TikTok on “Pushing P” yet?

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