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PS5 Restock Update: How to Buy PlayStation 5 Online?

Sony launched the PlayStation 5 last year but it isn’t easy to buy it online. Users are facing a number of issues while ordering and even pre-ordering the PS5. Many stores don’t have the stock available and there is no update about the restock while others only allow special users to place the order.

If you still have little to no idea of how to buy the PS5 online, we’ll guide you here. Additionally, we will also provide the restock update so you can find the next-gen console at your favorite online store.

Sony has recently started a new method to pre-order PS5 and buy it later this year. It involves signing up for an invite through its webpage, and if they select you, they will mail you the invitation to buy.

This method asks you to use your PSN account and your activity will be tracked to consider if you deserve the PlayStation 5 yet, or not. We’ll briefly take a look at this as well.

PS5 Console & PS5 Digital Edition: Which Model to Pick?

The new PlayStation5 is available in two variants- a Standard Console and a Digital Edition. The Standard Console costs $500 and uses a disc drive for physical game discs, and is also compatible with 4K Blu-rays. You will get lightning-fast loading with an ultra-high-speed SSD.

The PS5 Digital Edition costs $400 and doesn’t have a disc drive. You will have to sign in to your PSN (PlayStation Network) account to buy, download, and play games. Although the Digital Edition is $100 cheaper, we’d recommend you to go for the Standard Console.

This is because the ability to use game discs is worth having. The disc versions of the games are generally less expensive and you can even resell them after playing. Also, you can play the old PS4 discs on your new PS5 console. This isn’t possible in the Digital Edition.

How to Buy PlayStation 5 Online?

The process to order a PS5 online may seem a bit simple but it isn’t. Many users have been struggling for months to buy a PlayStation 5 online. If you are unaware of the process, this is what you have to do:

  • Step-1: Find a retailer that has the PlayStation 5 in stock. Most of the retailers don’t have enough stock of Sony’s latest console yet. You’ll need a good amount of luck to find the stock.
  • Step-2: Prepare your payment method. Save your card and shipping details on a separate page or with the store for faster checkout. Or else, other buyers will grab your piece.
  • Step-3: Sign in to your account before proceeding to buy. For example, if you are buying from Amazon, sign in to your Amazon account beforehand.
  • Step-4: Go to the product page and click the “Add to Cart/Buy Now” button. Don’t waste your time trying to check the features. Just make sure you are ordering the right product.
  • Step-5: Make the payment and complete the order. Do this as fast as possible.

Done. You have successfully placed the order to buy a PlayStation5 online. However, this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get it. You can only be certain when your PS5 is shipped. Many retailers are known to take orders and then cancel them due to not having enough stock.

Latest PlayStation 5 Restock Update

The key reason why the PlayStation 5 is not easy to buy is its scarce stock. All the major retailers have a product page for the PS5 but they don’t have the stock. You can buy the PlayStation 5 from these retailers if they have the stock:

Quick Links:

  • Amazon: PS5 | Digital Edition (out of stock)
  • Best Buy: PS5 | Digital Edition (out of stock)
  • WalmartPS5 | Digital Edition (restock expected over Black Friday)
  • TargetPS5 | Digital Edition (out of stock)
  • Sony DirectPS5 | Digital Edition (out of stock)
  • Newegg: PS5 | Digital Edition (out of stock)
  • Costco: PS5 (out of stock)
  • B&H Photo: PS5 | Digital Edition (out of stock)
  • GameStop: PS5 | Digital Edition (restock may happen this week)
  • Sam’s Club: PS5 | Digital Edition (out of stock)
  • Antonline: PS5 (out of stock)
  • AdoramaPS5 | Digital Edition (out of stock)

Many retailers hope to restock the PS5 over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can check with us to find out if the PlayStation 5 stocks are back to buy online.

PS5 Retailers for Various Regions-


Retailer PS5 Console PS5 Digital Edition Console
Amazon US Out of stock Out of stock
Walmart Out of stock Out of stock
Best Buy In stock Out of stock
GameStop In stock In stock
Target In stock Out of stock
Sam’s Club Out of stock


Retailer PS5 Console PS5 Digital Edition Console
Amazon CA Out of stock Out of stock
Walmart Canada Out of stock Out of stock



Retailer PS5 Console PS5 Digital Edition Console
Amazon UK Out of stock Out of stock
Game Out of stock Out of stock
Very Out of stock Out of stock
Argos Out of stock Out stock
Currys PC World Out of stock Out of stock
AO Out of stock Out of stock
Smyths Toys Out of stock Out of stock
ShopTo Out of stock Out of stock
John Lewis Out of stock
BT Out of stock
EE Out of stock
Scan Out of stock
Asda Out of stock


Retailer PS5 Console PS5 Digital Edition Console
GameStop Ireland Out of stock Out of stock
Amazon FR Out of stock Out of stock
Amazon ES Out of stock Out of stock
Amazon DE Out of stock Out of stock

PlayStation 5 New Invite Process by Sony

Sony has introduced a new invite process to pre-order the PS5 in the USA. They have put up a new webpage that allows you to register for an invite to buy a PS5 unit. You will need your PSN ID to sign up.

Sony will notify you that they have a “limited amount of PS5 consoles.” So, this registration isn’t a certainty that you’ll be able to buy a PS5. Your selection will not depend on the first-come-first-serve basis, but the criterion is different.

Sony will take a brief look over your PlayStation activity and interests. They will also check the activity and age of your PSN account. If you qualify, they will send you an invite to buy the PS5 over mail.

Each qualified invite is eligible to purchase the following items:

  • 1 PS5 console or 1 PS5 Digital Edition
  • 2 DualSense wireless controllers (Bundles, Cosmic Red or Midnight Black)
  • 3 DualSense wireless controllers (White)
  • 1 PS5 Media Remote
  • 1 PULSE 3D wireless headset

You can try your luck here as well. The festive season is coming, sales will heat up, and there are high chances that Sony is well prepared. This means you’ll finally be able to grab your PlayStation 5 online.

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