Former President Barack Obama will be in New Delhi on Dec. 1 for a Town Hall held by the Obama Foundation featuring hundreds of young Indian leaders from across the nation. This year alone, Obama has hosted similar events in Germany, Indonesia and Brazil to work with young innovative leaders of these countries.

A large percent of India’s population is under 35. These millennials are passionate scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, Members of Parliament, and in the small villages, they even hold the position of Village Sarpanch (leader). President Obama believes in the power of the new generation.

“Young Indians like you aren’t just going to define the future of this nation,” Obama said in a video announcing the Town Hall, “you’re going to shape the world.”

The Obama Foundation hopes to work with these leaders in helping them create positive changes in India. This Town Hall builds on last month’s inaugural global Summit in Chicago which brought together young innovative leaders from around the world like India’s own Trisha Shetty of She Says and Sanchana Krishnan of Living Stories. Shetty’s She Says educates and empowers people to take action against sexual abuse through workshops while Krishnan’s Living Stories is a series of personal storytelling events bringing awareness to the struggles of mental health.

The Town Hall is designed to expand the dialogue on what it means to be an impactful active citizen and how the foundation can help them make a difference in their communities. The foundation aims to work with inspirational individuals and organizations in India who are attempting to change the world for the better. Those who can’t attend have the opportunity to send in their questions online and even watch the Town Hall live on