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Post Malone Injures Ribs After A Nasty Fall On Stage, Yet Resumes His Concert In St. Louis

Post Malone’s “Twelve Carat Tour” may have a shaky start but the rapper is in high spirits! The American rapper reportedly broke his ribs after a nasty fall on stage during his performance at the Enterprise Center, St. Louis on Saturday (Sept. 17). However, the committed artist finished his concert for the fans after a 15-minute-delay. The 27-year-old rapper was performing his hit song “Circles” at the time of this nasty accident.

Post Malone Trips Into A Hole…

Post Malone just confirmed that the hopes of his fans come before his own health! During his performance at the Enterprise Center, St. Louis on Saturday (Sept. 17). Malone suffered a nasty fall on stage after tripping into a hole. He was attended by medics immediately, however, it has been reported that the 27–year-old rapper has injured his ribs as a result of this fall. Shockingly, he resumed the concert after a 15-minute delay.

Post Malone, whose real name is Austin Richard Post, was performing his hit song “Circles” when he suddenly tripped into a hole as he failed to notice that ‘the hole his guitar was lowered into hadn’t been covered’. He was immediately attended to by a team of medics and was escorted from the stage. His fans were cheering loud for him.

What’s more shocking is that despite suffering an injury in his ribs, Malone walked back on the stage after a 15-minute delay and completed his concert. Fans cheered as Malone performed while holding his ribs throughout the remaining concert. Now, that’s some determination there. He finished the concert by performing songs like “Sunflower”, “White Iverson” and “Congratulations”.

What’s Malone’s Present Health Status?

Post Malone, who already has millions of fans, has won some extra hearts with the display of determination during his concert at the Enterprise Center. Despite being in tremendous pain, the artist ensured that his fans left contended. He even managed to sign a few autographs before leaving the stage with his injury.

In the end, he thanked the crowd for their support and patience and explained the reason for this injury. Post Malone said that there was a “big-ass hole in the stage” and even apologised to his fans for the inconvenience. 

At the moment, fans are more concerned to know updates on his health. While there has been no official information on his conditions from the side of organizers, it has been reported that Malone would be receiving treatment in St. Louis. But yeah, the injury in his ribs seems to be pretty nasty.

If you’re not aware, the Grammy-nominated artist is dazzling fans with his “Twelve Carat Tour” which kickstarted today (Sept 18.) following the release of his album, “Twelve Carat Toothache”. This marks Malone’s fourth studio album and was released on June 3, 2022.

The “Twelve Carat Tour” I scheduled between September 18, 2022- September 27, 2022. Post Malone is scheduled to visit 33 cities, with his first stop at Columbus with Roddy Ricch (special appearance). There has been no comment on his present condition but he is surely resuming his tour in Columbus today.

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