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Pokimane Banned on Twitch: Find Out if it is Permanent

Twitch has officially banned the prominent Twitch Streamer ‘Imane Anys,’ also recognized as ‘Pokimane.’ If you’ve been curious to know where the Twitch Streamer is, you should be aware of what happened.

Pokimane has about 8.5 million Twitch followers and is well-known for playing games such as League of Legends. Don’t be alarmed. She is not permanently banned; it is only a temporary ban, and she will return for the sake of her followers.

If you’re curious about what happened or why the most renowned Twitch streamer was banned, we’ve got you covered.

Pokimane Banned On Twitch After Streaming Avatar: The Last Airbender

You got it! You have guessed it right. Pokimane was supposedly banned from the platform after watching Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender. A DMCA infringement for streaming copyrighted Nickelodeon material could lead to a ban.

Pokimane was having a 10-hour live stream on her Twitch channel, where she and her followers were streaming episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, with an estimated 25,000 concurrent viewers.

As mentioned above, the ban is not permanent, but Pokimane has been granted a 48-hour temporary ban.

Pokimane Addressed When She Will Be Back

In terms of the extent of the suspension, Pokimane has already stated that it will be minimal. Pokimane laughed about the ban on Twitter when it was enforced, stating “the fire nation attacked.”

Following that, she tweeted, “confirmed 48-hour suspension! see you guys Monday morning for a 12-hour comeback stream.”

That means she’ll be back with a 12-hour comeback stream straight now. That’s undoubtedly exciting news for Pokimane’s followers. Her Twitch account is now unavailable. However, she will most likely return in a few hours.

Pokimane also posted an Instagram story stating that she has been banned from Twitch and that she will see her followers again on Monday. Watch the post below.

‘Meta Trend’

Many Twitch streamers are divided about this newfound ‘meta.’ Cohh Carnage, another Twitch sensation, recently expressed his concern with the meta and stated that it will only lead to horrible things. “They’re speedrunning getting this site in incredibly hot water,” stated the tweet.

DJWheat discussed why he believes this trend is terrible news.

“It’s not ok. Just like it has never been ok to stream music. This is just as DMCA’able as anything else. Hard to say why streamers have not been targeted, but just like music, it’s probably just a matter of time. This is not an official Twitch take, just my own.”

Fans Reaction On Pokimane’s Ban

Pokimane’s supporters were concerned after learning that she had been banned from Twitch. And here’s what they said on Twitter. Many of them were confused.

Individuals didn’t believe it at first.

We recently addressed a rumor about Pokimane’s dating life, which you can read about here.

What are your thoughts on the ban? And then there’s this new ‘meta’ trend. If you’re worried, we hope it’s now addressed.

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